Tea Cup Rides Supplier

Cup and Saucer Ride For Sale

Tea Cup Rides Supplier

Cup and Saucer Ride For Sale

  • Material:FRP+steel, fiberglass cups, steel structure
  • Players: adults & kids ( it’s a family games)
  • Rotating diameter of large plate:6m
  • Power:3.5kw
  • Rotary Speed:3.8r/min
  • Warranty: 12 month Certificate: ISO, CE



Product Details:

The Mini Tea Cup comes standard with a beautifully detailed teapot centerpiece and six teacups accommodating a total of 24 passengers. All Cups have a steering wheel in the middle that can be operated by the passengers while the ride is rotating ISO approved. The Cups can also be Snoopy or beelike in the pictures.

Beston Tea Cup Rides For Sale

Introduction and Specification Of Saucer rides

With bright colours and lighting and the extra safety of variable speeds, people of all ages will enjoy this ride, just remember when you ask for ‘faster’ that’s exactly what you will get.

Ride Name: Cup and Saucer
Suitable Age: All ages
Special Requirements: Light commerical vehicle access
Rotating diameter of large plate: 6m
Number of Riders: 24 people at a time
Area required: 8 metre diameter
Total Power: 3.5kw
Rotary Speed: 3.8r/m

Why choose us:

1.Colors and style can be customized up to clients
2.Attractive design and various styles
3.Excellent after sales service
4.Certificate: ISO &CE
5.Can be installed in parks, funfairs, indoor playground

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