Beston Mall Trackless Train In Chile

trackless train rides for shopping mall
trackless train rides for shopping mall in Chile
Beston trackless train rides for shopping mall in Chile

Project Introduction Of Mall Trackless Train

This trackless train client is from Chile, who bought a total of 6 train rides for the shopping mall from us in 2018.12 and 2019.9. The client has a company named “Fun All For Spa”, which mainly operates train rides, soft playgrounds and rock climbing, so we are also talking about the business of soft playgrounds and rock climbing in the future.

After buying our train rides, he also bought accessories for trackless train rides many times. In early August 2022, he send the message for want to buy another trackless train for the shopping mall and he is negotiating to sign a contract with the mall first to get the operation license. Therefore, he wants to get the trackless train catalog for selection. In the middle of August 2022, he finally chose the trackless train and we send a detailed offer sheet and information. When all the things are confirmed, the client pay the deposit and we manufacture for him. Now the train rides have arrived at client and below are some photos and feedback from our Chile client.

trackless train rides in Chile mall
trackless train rides for sale

Why the Chile Client Choose Beston Trackless Train

1. There is a basis for cooperation and customer trust.
2. The customer is satisfied with the purchased train and the feedback picture.
3. Appropriate offers and discount schemes
4. According to the customer’s accessories list, sort out the quotation in time.
5. Provide customer excellent service and support.

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