Trackless Trains Promotion


Trackless Trains Promotion

Beston Trackless trains promotion is beginning now! First come, first service, only 20 sets christmas trackless train rides join this promotion activity. In order to save freight for customers, we provide LCL service and ocean freight coupons, etc…
If you plan to start the trackless train business and are interested in the activity, please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed promotion information. Many gifts and discounts are waiting for you.
Event Date: 2022.5.1 – 2022.7.31
Products: Christmas Trains of 16 seats, 27 seats and 40 Seats.

Beston Trackless Trains Rides For Sale

Beston amusement supply 16 seats, 27 seats and 40 seats christmas trackless train for this promotion plans. Besides, for all these train rides, Beston can customize the themes, colors, logo and others at customers’ request. Below are the train rides for your checking, any interests, please leave message for price and details.
16 Seats Trackless Train Rides
16 seats trackless trains for sale
1 locomotive + 4 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
4 Persons / Wagon, 16 Persons
27 Seats Trackless Train Rides
27 seats trackless trains for sale
1 locomotive + 3 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
Electric / Diesel
7.5KW (Electric)
9 Persons / Wagon, 27 Persons
40 Seats Trackless Train Rides
40 seats trackless trains for sale
1 locomotive + 2 Wagons
Locomotive Size:
Wagon Size:
Power Type:
Electric / Diesel
15KW (Electric)
20 Persons / Wagon, 40 Persons

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Trackless Train Rides Videos

16 Seats Trackless Train
27 Seats Trackless Train
40 Seats Trackless Train

Production Time of Beston Trackless Trains

Due to differences in structure, size, technologies and customization requirements, different trackless train rides need different time for production as below.
Trackless Trains Capacity Production Time
Small Trackless Trains 16 persons 7 – 10 days of production
Medium-sized Trackless Trains 27 persons 10 – 15 days of production
Large Trackless Trains 40 persons 15 – 20 days of production

Delivery Time of Trackless Trains For Different Ports

Beston have exported to 99+ countries worldwide, we have rich experience in delivery time in different countries and ports, here taken Canada and the USA for example.
Ports Delivery Time
Southwest Vancouver Port 12 – 25 days
Southeast Montreal Port 25 – 40 days
Ports Delivery Time
East New York Port 30 – 50 days
South Houston Port 30 – 50 days
Southwest Los Angeles Port 15 – 30 days
Southeast Miami Port 40 – 60 days
West Portland Port 40 – 60 days
Central Port Chicago Port 25 – 50 days

Reasons For Ordering Trackless Trains in the Second Quarter?

In order not to delay starting your business, you’d better receive the trackless train one month in advance than you plan, because production and delivery time influence sometimes. Below are the reasons why you should buy the trackless train in the second quarter.

Delivery time can be guaranteed, if you avoid the busy seasons for production in the second half of the year

The shipping costs is stable and even lower in the second quarter

The delivery can be guaranteed, which is safer and more secure. Our trackless train will arrive at port on time

Investors can begin the trial operation and advertise in advance and have enough time to prepare for the festival

Any customers who order in the second quarter will benefit a lot from the promotion activity

18 months extended warranty time, over 6 months than before

Trackless Trains Promotion Plans

Customized Available

Economical LCL

Shipping Coupons

Fast Production

18 Months Warranty

Recruit Agent

Factory Live

Free Gifts

Customized Available
Beston can customize the trackless train theme, the color and the logo, etc at customers’ request
Economical LCL
Beston offers LCL service, the customers can have the LCL service with friends or we arrange the suitable persons for clients LCL to save shipping costs
Ocean Shipping Coupons
Customers who use LCL service for trackless trains have $500 ocean shipping coupon
Fast Production and Delivery
Beston arranges the Green Channel of manufacturing trackless trains, which means the fast delivery
18 Months Warranty
18 months extended warranty period, 6 months longer than before
Recruit Agent (Two agents per state or city)
US: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arkansas, Hawaii
Canada: Saskatoon and Vancouver
Limited-time Factory Live Broadcast
Our sale managers supply five factory live for trackless train and the date is: May 21st, 2022 | June 11th, 2022 | June 24th, 2022 | July 16th, 2022 | July 29th, 2022
Free Gifts
Many gifts are prepared for customers whoever order trackless train during promotion, such as inflatable products, Christmas decorations, etc

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