36 Seats Flying Chair Rides In Kazakhstan

36 Seats Flying Chair In Kazakhstan

In the square at the entrance of the Peak Park–Кок тобе, 36 flying chair rides are in operation (covering an area of 16 meters in diameter). The flying chairs are equipped with luxurious lights and bright colors and luxury stainless steel fences (additional purchases by customers), our flying chair rides is exciting and large-capacity equipment, which attract the lots of customer to visit the park. This achieves the purpose of the client’s diversion to the park.

Basic Cooperation Process For Flying Chair Rides

Client search our website and leave a inquiry that he wants a amusement ride with high passenger capacity, after chatting, we find that we communicated with two or three years ago, and our sale manager went to the park to visit three times on the spot. according to client’s request, our sale manager recommend some suitable rides for selection, but he have no idea how to choose, because he is interested in all these rides, but he only need one amusement rides to upgrade his amusement park, finally he choose the 36 seats flying chair rides, when our sale manager send the client’s flying chair video. Now client have started the flying chair business.

36 Seats Flying Chair Rides In Kazakhstan
Beston 36 seats flying chair rides in Кок тобе peak park
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Feedback From Kazakhstan Flying Chair Rides Customer

Client is very satisfied with the quality, usage, popularity and our services of flying chair rides, and recommend us BESTON to everyone who knows them. There are also several returns in the later period, and new orders have also been shipped.

The latest order of rides will also ship from Xi’an in March 2022. It is expected to arrive in the client city of Almaty in mid to late April. This time, Beston plans to arrange installation engineers to provide installation guidance according to customer requirements.

Beston 36 Seats Flying Chair Rides In Kazakhstan
Customers think highly of our flying chairs and Beston service

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