Snow Indoor Playground Equipment In Saudi Arabia

Ice Snow Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

Shipping/Installation Basics

  • Country: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
  • Project Name: Avalanche Riyadh Snow park
  • Shipping Date: September 26, 2021
  • Arrival time: October 26, 2021
  • Port of origin:Qingdao
  • Destination Port:Dammam
  • Product use: Indoor playground Equipment
  • Project Status: Already in operation

Basic Cooperation Process For Snow Soft Indoor Play equipment

The Client search the rides keyword to arrived our website and was attracted by our ice and snow themed soft indoor playground equipment, which fits the theme of their indoor playground.

The main communicator is the middleman found by the customer. He is fully responsible for purchasing. We have the ability to customize the color of playground equipment. We show customers that our design solutions that have been finished and novel products. Customers have a good impression of our company and finally decided to place the order for snow theme indoor playground and mirror Maze with climbing wall design.

Snow & Ice Theme Indoor Playground Equipment (150 square meters)
Snow Indoor Playground equipment In Saudi Arabia
Climbing Wall (5 meters high, 15 meters wide), Mirror Maze (120 square meters)

Problems encountered During Communication

The custom color problem

The client requires for changing the design plan and overall color according to the customer’s logo color, which is a challenge to us and the factory. Later, the customer’s requirements were completed by adopting UV printing with a more complicated process

Delivery problem

At that time, it was difficult to book space by sea, and the delivery time was tight, but when we faced this situation, our professional shipping team still tried our best to book a suitable position, and finally successfully shipped

For installation problems

due to the epidemic, we cannot go to the local area to guide the installation, so we provide customers with very detailed installation instructions and online guidance.

Beston supply the solutions for all your problem and give professional suggestions for customized designs & project planning, any interests for our Snow Theme Indoor Playground Equipment  Please Send Us an Inquiry

Customer Whole Indoor Playground Equipment Running Video Feedback

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