Beston Amusement Park Project In Moldova

teacups rides for sale

Introduction of Small Amusement Park Project In Moldova

Congratulate that Moldova client has finished the amusement park rides installation and started the amusement park business on 1st, June and make money. He finally bought 7 kind of amusement rides for his park business(Self-control plane rides, teacup rides, rotary octopus rides, watermelon flying chair rides, mini ferris wheel rides, battery bumper car rides, kid excavator rides)below are some installation photos feedback from the client.

rotary octopus in Moldova

Rotary Octopus For Sale

flying chair rides in Moldova

Fruit Flying Chair Ride For Sale

teacup rides in Moldova

Teacup Rides For Sale

small ferris wheel in Moldova

Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

bumper car rides in Moldova

Bumper Car Ride For Sale

Lebar Car Rides in Moldova

Leba Car Rides For Sale

Kids Excavator Rides For Sale

self-control plane rides in Moldova

Self-control Plane Ride For Sale

24 seats carousel for sale 01

flaming Phenix Rides For Sale

Design of Outdoor Amusement Park Project In Molvoda

The Moldova clients have started their amusement park business, as you see, thousands of customers come to the amusement park to line up to play by the photos feedback from our clients as above video. the client said he has excellent business and is very satisfied with our amusement types of equipment and park designs. Hope to have more business with Beston in the Future. Here shared the Park project Graphic Design for your reference, If you have any plan for amusement park project, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Design of Beston Amusement Park Project In Moldova
Henan Beston Amusement Group has been devoted to designing and producing amusement park facilities for more than 20 years, and it has its own sales offices, factories, warehouses and logistic companies. Currently, BESTON has more than 300 staff and 3 overseas offices and warehouses in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and German. Each year, our business partners and customers numbers are increasing quickly, and our business range is also enlarging at a very fast speed all over the world. Its goal is to become the top 100 best amusement ride manufacturers in the world and give customers the best services. If you want to order some rides from China, Beston Group will be one of the best choices.

More Equipments for Amusement Park Project

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