Indoor Soft Playground Equipments In Kazakhstan

Beston indoor soft playground in Kazakhstan
  • Shipment: In July 2022
  • Status of project: Opened up
  • Business Open: By the end of 2022
  • Location: Kazakhstan
Project Situation

In January 2022, we get an inquiry from a Kazakhstan client that he want to buy some rides for building an indoor comprehensive amusement park project. Then the client selects suitable rides from our product catalog with prices by the end of March 2022 and after talking about the park project details, we sign the contract and receive the bank slip. In July, we start to produce and deliver the amusement rides to the client’s site.

Selected Equipment

The client finally buy our soft play equipment, trampoline park, carousel rides, playground slide, building blocks, ropes, ball pit, etc.

Delivery & Installation & Working

At the client’s requirement, we arrange for our one engineer to Kazakhstan for guiding the on-site installation of amusement rides. By the end of November, we successfully finish the installation for all indoor and outdoor rides. The clients are very satisfied with our products and service. Now the amusement park has to open up and the client also shares the video of the amusement park working.

Beston indoor soft playground equipments in Kazakhstan
indoor soft playground equipments in Kazakhstan

Customer Feedback

Customer Said :

“ I have bought all of the indoor and outdoor amusement equipment for my indoor comprehensive park project, including soft play equipment, a trampoline park, carousel rides, mini shuttle rides, bumper car, some game machines, mini ferris wheel, frog jump rides, kid excavator, etc and now it has been installed and operated in my park for a period of time. From my feedback photos and videos, you can see everything works well! Your amusement rides are popular and attractive for the customers in my park and I hope to cooperate with you again. ”

Our Service

  • 01 / Custom Service

    For the amusement rides, we can make customization in appearance, color, seats & logo, etc. Any requirement that you need, we will try to suit your request until you are satisfied.

  • 02 / Various Equipments

    We provide various kids and thrill amusement rides for small, middle & large amusement park, even making amusement park project design.

  • 03 / Production, Delivery & Installation

    After getting your deposit, we will produce these rides at once, it will takes 15 days for production and delivery. We can arrange our professional engineer to your city for installation or provide detailed installation instruction, then you can install for yourself.

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Indoor Soft Playground Equipment In Malaysia

indoor soft playground equipment for sale
  • Shipment: Delivery on May 2022
  • Status of project: Finish installation
  • Business Open: On 5th, September
  • Location: Johor In Malaysia
Client Situation

The client of indoor soft playground equipment has a supermarket and a small 43 square meters space to plan to build a small amusement park to attract customers that are named “Cheers Fun Park” next to the market.

Customized Design

After learning the client’s requirements, we started to make designs including slides, ball pools and blocks according to his space (length, width & height) and customer groups.

Production, Delivery & Installation

After geting the deposit, we start to produce and deliver it. The client wants to install it by himself, so we send detailed installation manuals and our engineers also supply professional instruction online.

Customer Feedback

Customer Said :

“ We are busy with other business, Beston purchasing department proactively informs the progress of the whole process and provides door-to-door service. We are satisfied with our response speed and service, and the entire procurement process is very efficient and fast.

When we receive the soft playgrounds, Beston after-sales department gave full guidance for installation, and the installation was completed within 1 day. The whole communication process is highly experienced and we will continue to cooperate if there is demand in the future. ”

Quick Questions Solution

  • 01 / Custom Color

    The client requires for changing the design plan and overall color according to the customer’s logo color, which is a challenge for us and the factory. Later, the customer’s requirements were completed by adopting UV printing technology.

  • 02 / For Delivery

    At that time, it was difficult to book space by the sea, and the delivery time was tight, but when we faced this situation, our professional shipping team still tried our best to book a suitable position, and finally successfully shipped.

  • 03 / For Installation

    Due to the epidemic, we cannot go to the local area to guide the installation, so we provide customers with very detailed installation instructions and online guidance.

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