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Suburban Leisure Park Project Design Planning

Suburban leisure amusement park design
· Project Category: Suburban Leisure Park Design
· Project Covering Area: 6000m²

The suburban leisure park project  is mainly positioned to provide a place for leisure and recreation for the residents of the town center and surrounding towns. Because the overall level of economic development in this area is on the rise, but the current investment is not large, so medium-sized carousel, self-control plane and other amusement rides are used. At the same time, considering the potential for future passenger flow increase, it is reserved enough space for the later amusement park upgrades.

The client is very satisfied with our amusement park design and decided to place the order from Beston company. He hope that we can also design the 3d park video for publicity, when the leisure park is built and open for business.
Park Project Situation


3D Park Drawing


3D Park Video


Profit Analysis Form


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Self-control Plane Rides
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Suburban Leisure Park Design Drawing

amusement park project design (1)
Planning Map
amusement park project design (2)
Hand Drawn Design
amusement park project design (3)
Aerial View
amusement park project design (4)
Design visualization
If you are interest in our design for suburban leisure park project, please kindly advice your amusement park situation, including what your budget is? what operating costs will be? what rides you want to include in the amusement park? How much land you have? What is your land shape?

Suburban Leisure Park Design Video

Here shared the 3D outdoor suburban leisure project video for your reference, if you also want the park design video, please contact us for more details.

Suburban Park Project Business Analysis Form

Beston company supplies various rides for amusement park project and other entertainment place and we can make the whole park planning and design, such as cad drawing, 3D Park Design and 3D park video, etc. Besides, we also can make the precise park project business analysis form according to the clients’ project situation. Below shared the real suburban leisure park project investment budget analysis for the project in China for reference.
Project Name Suburban Leisure Park Project Business Analysis Form
Charging Model Single Charge Expected Operating Life 8
Project Overview Site Overview Site Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days) Average daily operating hours
Average consumption
6000 10000 240 8 35
Facility Overview Number of rides (sets) Rated Passenger Capacity (Persons/Instant) Full passenger flow (passenger/hour) Total power consumption (kW/h) Electricity (yuan/kWh)
5 80 640 30 1.5
Passenger Flow Analysis Weekday passenger flow (person-times/day Passenger flow on weekends (person-times/day)” Average daily passenger flow (person/day) Number of employees (person) Average salary (yuan/month)
300 600 385.7142857 6 5000
Operating Cost Total investment in equipment (yuan) Wage Expenses (yuan/year) Electricity expenses (yuan/year) Publicity cost (yuan/year) Infrastructure (yuan/year)
500000 360000 86400 200000 1000000
Total Project Revenue 3240000 Total Fixed Cost 1500000 Total Operating Cost 646400
Theoretical Limit Value Maximum Passenger Capacity During Peak Hours (person/day) 5120 Maximum Single-day Revenue (yuan) 179200
Revenue Analysis Average Monthly Net Income 200,508 Average Annual Net Income 2,406,100 Estimated Payback Time (months) 6.94
First Year Net Income 1,093,600
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