Amusement park project in Nigeria

Small Amusement Park Project In Nigeria

Congratulation on our Nigeria client have successfully finished installation for his small amusement park project and start to do business to make money.

Three Months ago, our Nigeria send a inquiry about his requirement that he want to build small amusement park and the land area is length 47*Width 35m and want us to design the amusement park, firstly, our sale manager send our all amusement rides catalogue for selection, finally, he choose 10 amusement rides (flying chair, worm roller coaster, space walking rides, flying UFO rides, mini ferris wheel, 16 seats carousel, self-control plane rides, 24 seats pirate ship ride, mini pendulum, happy spray ball rides), then we design and finish the amusement park drawing as below:

amusement park design in Nigeria

He is very satisfied with our design and pay the deposit and then we start to manufacture, testing and delivery. Now, our clients have finish the basic installation for all amusement rides, below are some feedback from our Nigeria client for parts of rides buying from our Beston amusement group.

amusement park project design


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