Rocket Bungee/Slingshot Rides For Sale


Rocket Bungee/Slingshot Rides For Sale

  • Equipment Model:BNBJ-2A
  • Equipment Capacity:2 persons
  • Equipment Height: 24/28m
  • Running Height:32m  Total Weight: 15t
  • Covering Area: 15×20m
  • Driving Power: 15W
  • Equipment Voltage: 220/380V



Introduction of the rocket bungee/Slingshot ride

The Rocket bunjee/Slingshot ride is the newest thrilling rides which is popular with the visitors, especially for the young, the Passengers will experience a sense of overweight and weightlessness while being able to perform spin-offs with the cockpit in the process of rushing and landing. They can enjoy unsurpassed thrilling experiences and sensory shocks, when riding the rocket bungee, If you want to buy the most thrilling rides for your amusement park, the rocket bungee will be your first choice, contact us for quotation and detailed information.

Rocket bungee for sale in RussiaBeston Rocket bungee/Slingshot ride installation in Russia

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Beston rocket bungee rides are also known as slingshot rides, rocket bungee rides, ejection seats, catapult bungee and many other names. As these names imply, rocket bungee rides are of extreme thrill that even seasoned thrill-seekers would think twice before get on the rides. In traditional bungee jumpings, players often jump high from towers or cliffs to experience thrill downward jumping. Unlike usual bungee jumping, rocket bungee rides can eject riders high in the air from the ground level in seconds. In light of this novel design and extreme thrill, rocket bungee rides can attract great many thrill-seekers. In addition, since the rocket bungee rides can hold two riders at a time, you can charge more money than other amusement rides. Beston Rocket bungee ride is one of the most valuable investments you can make to your amusement rides businesses.

Beston rocket bungee manufacturer in China

Types Of Beston Rocket Bungee/Slingshot Ride

1. Stationary rocket bungee ride: The ride height is 24 meters, and it can bounce up to 32 meters. It is fixed on the ground with foundation, and can not move around from place to place. But the stationary equipment is more stable and popular in the amusement parks,theme parks,Fairground park and amusement entertainment center, etc.
2. Mobile rocket bungee ride: Normally it is designed with height of 28 meters, and can bounce up to 36 meters. It don’t need the foundation and can move around easily. It fits for the funfair or fairground, to move around from one place to another place conveniently.

Technical Data of the rocket bungee/Slingshot ride

Model BNBJ-2A
Capacity 2 persons
Power 15kw
Tower Height 24m
Running Height 32m
Area 15*25m
Voltage 380v

Reasons to choose us:

1. Over 20 years producing experience, over 7000 square meters area.
2. All workshops with independent division of work.
3. Anti-corrosion painting without any harm on environment.
4. All of our electronic components meet national standard.
5.All the equipment will be tested before leaving our factory.
6.Prompt shipment,by reputed shipping line and professional documents.

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