PE gloves making machine suppliers

Disposable Plastic PE Gloves Making Machine For Sale

Plastic Gloves Making Machine For Sale

Disposable Plastic PE Gloves Making Machine For Sale

  • Producing Gloves Length: 200-400mm  
  • Producing Gloves Width: 270-330mm
  • Film Gloves Thickness: 0.008-0.02mm
  • Producing Speed: 80-150 pieces/minx2
  • Machine Dimension:3000*1150*1500mm
  • Machine Weight : 1000kg
  • Machine Power: 1.5KW
  • Final Product: Disposable plastic & PE gloves



Introduction Of Disposable Plastic PE gloves making machine

The disposable plastic PE glove making machine of fully automatic plastic film disposable gloves can automatically separate the finished products and waste materials during the production process. Only one person is required to operate one machine, which has the advantages of long continuous working time, high output, and low labor.

This disposable plastic PE gloves making machine is suitable for manufacturing CPE、HDPE、LDPE film rolls into PE gloves, which is widely used in KFC, McDonald’s, outdoor BBQ, kitchen, restaurant and beauty salons etc field.

Main Parts List of Disposable Plastic PE Gloves Making Machine

Number Main Parts List Quntity
1 PLC+Touch Screencontrol 1set
2 Sever motor(220V,50/60HZ) 1set
3 AC Motor(unwinding material) 1set
4 Main motor (AC 1.5KW brake motor shanghai, China 1set 1set
5 Photocell tracks the printing material 1set
6 Inverter / frequency conversion 1.5KW*1pc 0.75KW*1pc  (50/60HZ) 2sets
7 Glove  knife 2sets
8 Cool cutting knife with alloy 1set

Advantages Of Disposable Plastic PE gloves making machine

1.The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, towed by a servo motor and automatically torn edge, realizing full-automatic production.
2.Any fixed length, step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable, automatic stop when losing standard, photoelectric control is adopted for feeding.
3.Automatic counting and set table counting alarm.
4.Automatic constant temperature makes the bag mouth sealed firmly and smoothly.
5.Automatic counting and customized with various shapes of knife molds, which is convenient for loading and unloading.

Final Products Of PE gloves making machine

various PE gloves for sale
plastic glove making machine supplier
plastic glove making machine for sale


Specification Of Disposable Plastic PE gloves making machine

Model GL-STJ500
Producing Length 200-400mm
Producing width 270-330mm
Film thickness 0.008-0.02mm
Producing Speed 80-150pieces/minx2
Main Power 1.5Kw
Power Source 220V 50HZ
Weight  1000Kg
Dimension 3000*1150*1500mm

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