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1. Hand Drawing

Beston is China Leading Amusement Ride Manufacturer.

#Fully learn amusement park theme and style to determine the basic design direction.
#Ask and know about clients’ customers group and design the suitable product.
#Absolutely master that how to operate the amusement product and testing.

small pirate ship ride for sale 01

2. Mechanical Design

Beston is China Leading Amusement Ride Manufacturer.

#Confirm the product bear and cabin appearance and quantity.
#Confirm the suitable mechanical structure,decoration and realistic simulation.
#Making the product structure perfect and smooth operation and running

3. Carving Models

Beston is China Leading Amusement Ride Manufacturer.

#Select suitable material to carve the product appearance for all the parts.
#Decreasingly modify the main structure and finish carving the whole models.

4. Experimental Production

small pirate ship for sale 04

Beston is China Leading Amusement Ride Manufacturer.

#manufacturing must suit country’s standard and guarantee high quality & safety.
#beautiful appearance and mechanical structure will determin the product quality.

5. Finishing Debugging

Beston is China Leading Amusement Ride Manufacturer.

#The whole amusement ride must suit national safety standards.
#Before delivering, we must really test for loading the enough persons and guarantee the safety loading.
#when all the testing is ok, then will deliver the product to our clients.

small pirate ship for sale 05

1. Investment Solutions

1.1 Amusement Park Positioning

Building amusement park need consider the customers’ group situation, the amusement park design and amusement product choices must suit the requirement of local customers.

1.2 Amusement Park Site Selection

For amusement park building, the suitable site will play a important role in investment success or not, you should firstly consider where have more persons and where traffic is more convenient and where the infrastrucrure is excellent for making busunesss and so on.

1.3 Amusement Park Product Selection

For product selection, you need to know that the large and expensive may be not the best suitable for your market, but your local customer demands will be the first consideration for your business success or not.

Beston 3D amusement park design


2. Operator Training

Beston is China Leading amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, we have many small and large amusement park design all over the world, so we Beston have the enough experience for management training, operator training,technical support one by one, if you have any questions for the machine operation, you can call us at any time.

Beston break dance ride

3. Operations Management System

Amusement rides operations and management system is playing a important role in customer safety and success of the investment. So the builder must think high of emoloyeeing the suiatble staffs with experience of operating play equipments, and set up a professional management team and train the safety knowledge and equipment operation for all the staff in ticket management, post settings, safety tips and team Training

Overall Planning and Design

Beston amusement is capable of supplying the optimum combination project scheme. Beston has the ability to design the park, recommend the amusement equipment, construct the park, amusement park operation and training, equipment maintenance, etc. we Beston Amusement Group have the professional design team, if you have any idea for amusement park design, our designer will be willing to provide design instruction for you at any time.

Beston can provide the whole amusement park solution for your park project, including the suggestion of the park position and site selection,the cad drawing, 3D amusement park and video design and over 3000+ amusement ride and play ground equipment for kids & adults available and fast custom clearance and delivery, arrange our engineer for global installation & maintain, etc.

Overall Planning Cases

1. Professional Service and Technical Support

1.1 Service and Technical Support
Beston Group can solve all the problem of amusement ride and equipment from our clients, such as the mechanical structure,the how to run, the delivery time, the manufacturing time, the free parts,the installation and manitain and so on.

1.2 Installation and Training
Our engineer will provide the detailed steps and manuals for how to install the amusement ride, by it, you can install the amusement ride by yourself, Also we can arrange our professional engineer to your site to help for installation instruction.

amusement ride parts
amusement ride parts 02
amusement ride parts 01

1.3 After-sales Service
Our engineer is 24/7 online to help our clients to solve problem, so if you have any questions, pls contact us at any time, Furthermore, we will be also supply the spare parts for free absolutely and provide detailed product, package, delivery and custom clearance information. Therefore, if you have any question, please feel free to contact or call us at any time.

Beston factory spare parts


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