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Outdoor Amusement Park Project In Uzbekistan

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Introduction of Outdoor Amusement Park Project

The client owns 25,000 square meters of land in the suburbs and wants to build an outdoor amusement park, suitable for all age groups, and the client has completed the park cad planning and design, and just wants to buy some rides that are suitable for the park, so our project manager provides product catalogs and prices with detailed parameters for customers to choose from. Finally customer chooses flying chair, big pendulum, kangaroo jump rides, top spin rides, dragon roller coaster, flying UFO rides, rotating octopus, mini shuttle rides, swing tower, roller coaster and so on. Learn More

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25000 Outdoor Amusement Park Project Installation In Uzbekistan


Outdoor Amusement Park Project Video From Uzbekistan

Now clients’ amusement park have finished installation and start business, this client think highly of our equipment and service, so he actively shared the feedback video as below. If you have interests for this product, please contact us for more information.

Henan Beston Amusement has devoted to design and produce amusement park facilities for more than 20 years, and it has its own sales offices, factories, warehouses and logistic companies. Currently, BESTON has more than 300 staff and 3 overseas offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan and German. Each year, our business partners and customers numbers are increasing quickly, and our business range is also enlarging in very fast speed all over the world. Its goal is to become the top 100 best amusement rides manufactures in the world, and give customers best services. If you want to order some rides from China, Beston Group will be your one of best choice.

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