non-woven shoes cover making/manufacturing machine

Non-Woven Shoes Cover Making Machine For Sale

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 1500(L)×1500(W)×1700(H)mm 
  • Production speed: 150-170 pcs/min
  • Weight: 750kg
  • Finished size: 400*160mm(L*W)Can be customized at customer’s request
  • Materials used:Rubber bands, non-woven
  • Voltage: 220/380V,50HZ
  • Power: 3.5KW



Introduction Of non-woven shoes cover making machine

This non-woven shoes cover making machine is a special machine for automatic production of elastic non-woven shoe covers, from raw materials to finished products in one go, high degree of automation. The shoe cover machine products is suitable for hospitals, non dust industrial operations, food processing plant, is also used as a household cleaning product and other industries.Below are some detailed photos for your checking, any interests, please contact us for more information and quotation.

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shoes cover making machine for sale (1)
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Features Of non-woven shoes cover manufacturing machine

1.High yield, small volume, small space occupation.
2.It is suitable for non-woven material.
3.Molded material to make flower wheel, welding head durable and long-lasting.
4.Motor-driven, frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric detection device, high reliability and excellent performance.
5.The whole machine adopts channel steel structure, sandblasting plastic body.
6.The flower wheel is easy to disassemble, and can replace the pattern flower wheel according to the customer’s need;easy to adjust, convenient and high level.
7.The use of ultrasonic and steel wheel processing, without damage to the edge of the fabric, no fur.

Technical Parameter Of Non-woven Shoes Cover Making Machine

Material Non-woven
machine size 1500mm*1500mm*1700mm
output 150-170pcs/min
power 220v/380v
weight 750kg
power consumption 3.5kw
finish products size 400*160mm or customized
material needed Elastic, non-woven
Machine model SC-440-2

Main configuration:

Edge corrector Feeding device 1
Mechanical shaft Feeding shaft 1
ultrasonic 4
Hemming device Post-position 2
Rubber band device 2
Triangular hem 1
Traction roller 1
Strengthened  ironing device 1
Side sealing device 1
cutter Roller type 1
Magnetic powder controller 2.5KG 1
Gear box motor 1.5KW 1
Frequency converter Delta   1.5KW 1
electrical equipment Schneider & Chint
Body Alu alloy

Final Product Of Non-woven Shoes Cover Machine

The Non-woven Shoes Cover from our Shoes Cover Machine can be produced for various color and customsized size for different clients’ demands. if you have some special requirement for the Non-woven Shoes Cover manufacturing, please contact us for more information and your request.

Disposable nonwoven shoe cover for sale

Wide Application Of non-woven shoes cover

shoes cover making machine

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