Newest Bumper Car For Sale

New bumper car for sale in Beston is a classic amusement ride, which favored by kids and adults. People who manipulate this ride can get a feeling of excitement and thrilling. Manipulating bumper cars as real as manipulate normal cars. Kids can learn how to drive through these experiences. Every amusement park should not be without bumper cars, at least, you should have one kind of new type bumper cars. We have three types of new bumper cars, including new ceiling grid bumper car, ground grid bumper car and battery bumper car. Whichever you need, Beston can meet your requirements! So, contact us at the initial moment!

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Specification of Newest Bumper Car Ride

Product name Newest bumper car
Control system 1) Remote operated2) Coin&remote operated
Color Orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or customized
Material Car body: Fiber glassTube: 0.90 mm pvc tarpaulin
Loading Weight 200 kg(one adult and one child)
Battery 12V 45AH*2pcs
Motor Power 12V 180W*2pcs
Package Wooden case for export

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Bumper car ride is one of the kiddie rides, and it can be seen almost in every amusement park or indoor amusement center. The funfair consists of several groups of dodgems rides, and the funfair bumper cars are played together by kids, family members, or friends. Driving on the bumper cars and run into each other, you can enjoy very happy moment and meet some new friends. Bumper cars are necessary amusement rides for parks.

Bumper Car Spare Parts

When delivering the bumper cars, we will provide you with some small spare parts free of charge. And you can also buy some additional ones for spare use in case of any urgent demand. Here we list you the parts that may be needed for your reference: Bumper car motors or engines, batteries, steering wheels, foot plates, brakes, outer tires, inner tires, conductive wheels, dodgem shell etc. We will provide you with one year warranty, and you can contact us freely if any problems of the bumper cars. Our professional after sales department will reply you and provide you the solution within 24 hours.

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Advantages of Beston Dodgem Bumper Car

1. Easy and safe operation. When the switch is turned on, what the ride needs to do is to hold the two handles which can control the running direction of the dodgems ride. And all electric bumper cars are protected by tires, so there is no damage when rides hit each other.
2. All fairground bumper cars are controlled by the digital system.
3. The color, size, music, and appearance of the carnival bumper cars can be customized.
4. One year warranty and lifelong tracking services.

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