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Merry Go Round Rides For Sale

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Merry Go Round Rides For Sale

  • Capacity:16persons
  • Diameter: 6.5m
  • Equipment Height: 5.5m
  • Covering Area: 8×8m  Speed: 4r/min
  • Power:3.5kw
  • Voltage: 220/380V,50HZ



Introduction of merry go round ride

Merry go round rides is also called as the carousel rides, which is popular for the kids and children in the amusement park, fairground and funfair park, the merry go round is also bettter in the indoor entertainment centers, the merry go round rides usually have the large rotating platform decorated into horse, which can move up and down for viditors to ride, by riding the merry go round rides, the children will have a good time with their family, We beston have all kinds of model merry go round for your selection,3,4,6,8,9,12,16, 24,36,48 and so on, if you want to add the attractive merry go round to your park, contact us for more information and quotation.

merry go round ride supplier

Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment company Limited is a professional manufacture of amusement rides, which manufacture and sell amusement rides more than ten years. Our company will be your ideal choice. And we own factories in Xingyagn, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting our factory and workshop at any time.

Technical Data of merry go round ride

Capacity 16 persons
Diameter 6.5m
Height 5.5m
Covering Area 8*8m
Speed 4r/min
Power 3.5KW
Voltage 380v,50HZ
Material FRP& steel
Model & Seat customized

Attentions When Riding The Merry Go Round

1.After the control platform is started, the riders mustn’t touch the pillar with hand, arm, foot or any part of body so as to avoid accident.
2.The riders must ask for other person to take care of their purses, mobile phones, glasses and other valuables. Riding the merry go around with sharp or fragile objects is prohibited.
3.The riders should master correct amusement methods and safety essentials and follow the staff’s command. They must go up and down in order and hold the horse handle firmly. Also, they mustn’t enter the turntable arbitrarily.

Beston other model merry go round ride

Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-001
Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-002
merry-go-round-05Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-003
Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-004
Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-005
merry-go-round-02Merry Go Round Rides BNHC-006

Reasons to choose us:

1. Over 20 years producing experience, over 7000 square meters area.
2. China Professional manufacturer& supplier with CE, ISO, Soncap approval
3. Anti-corrosion painting without any harm on environment.
4. All of our electronic components meet national standard.
5.All the equipment will be tested before leaving our factory.
6.Prompt shipment,by reputed shipping line and professional documents.
7.Good quality control and ISO9001, CE, BV & Soncap approval to promise quality
8.Installation and maintain service, free invitation letter and visa are provided

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