meltblown fabric machine for sale

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Machine For Sale

meltblown nonwoven machine

As we all know, the demand for the mask is increasing dramatically because of Coronavirus in 2020. And pp melt-blown nonwoven fabric, as the main filter layer, is in short supply seriously. As the melt-blown machine manufacturer, Benk Machinery supplies pp melt-blown non woven fabric making machine with the width mainly from 300mm to 1600mm.
The melt-blown process uses high-speed hot air to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the die orifice, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and condensing on the screen or roller, and relying on self-adhesion and become a non-woven fabric.The process flow is:mixed raw material —> vacuum loader—> sj90 single screw extruder—> screen changer —>melt pump —> mould—>spinneret—>web forming machine —>slitting machine—>winder

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meltblown nonwoven machine price
Melt Blown Fabric Making Line
meltblown nonwoven machine manufacturer
Our meltblown nonwoven fabric production line can produce high quality PP meltblown fabrics. The meltblown equipment runs stably, with high output and high efficiency. With the machine, PP granules with other agents are melted and then blown by hot air and strong wind into a web directly. The melt-blown nonwoven fabric produced, with good air permeability and filterability, is widely used as the mask filter layer.

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Equipment List of Meltblown Fabric Production Line

Machine list Machine function Qty.
vacuum loader load mixed raw material into the hopper 1set
Single screw extruder melt and plasticize material 1set
screen changer filter impurities in melted material 1set
melt pump make extrusion stable 1set
Mould used with spinneret for melt blown 1set
Spinneret plate spraying melted material through 1set
Air heater supply heat to material in the mould 1set
Gas tank store air 1set
Air compressor or Roots blower give high pressure to melted material in mold chamber 1set
Frozen type compressed air drying machine Frozen type compressed air drying machine 1set
Web Former machine receiving melt-blown cloth 1set
centrifugal ventilator cool melt-blown cloth and make it dense 1set
Slitting Machine Slitting Machine: cut melt-blown cloth into required width 1set
Winder wind melt-blown cloth for package 1set

Specification of Meltblown Fabric Production Line

Model Single screw extruder Motor power(KW) Output(kg/h) Space(L*W*H)(m)
300mm Sj50 11 120-160 8*3*3
450mm Sj50 11 180-220 8*3*3
650mm Sj65 22 250-300 9*3*3
800mm Sj65 22 400-600 9*3*3
1200mm Sj75 37 600-800 10*4*4.5
1600mm Sj90 45 1000-1500 12*8*4.5
Customized Customized Customized Customized Customized

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