kids soft indoor comprehensive playground equipmentsin Turkey

Indoor Soft Comprehensive Park Project In Turkey

Indoor Comprehensive Park Project In Turkey

Basic Project Information

Product name:
Indoor Playground & amusement machine
2500 m2
Delivery time:
In August 2022
Installation time:
In November 2022
Installation method:
On-site guidance installation

Indoor Park Project Videos

Cooperation Process With Turkey Customer

Project Introduction

In June 2022, we get an inquiry from a Turkey client that he want to buy some rides for building an indoor comprehensive amusement park project. Then the client selects suitable rides from our product catalog with prices by the end of June 2022 and after talking about the park project details, we sign the contract and receive the bank slip. In August, we start to produce and deliver the amusement rides to the client’s site.

Customer’s Needs

The client finally buy our soft play equipment, trampoline park, carousel rides, mini shuttle rides, bumper car, some game machines, mini ferris wheel, frog jump rides, kid excavator, etc.

Beston amusement equipment in Turkey
Beston game machine in Turkey
Theme Selection

We send our product catalogue of indoor playground with different unique theme design, finall the customer choose the ocean pirate ship theme indoor soft playground equipment and other amusement machine for his project.

Beston theme indoor soft playground equipment in Turkey
Beston mini shuttle rides for sale
Overall Layout

At client’s requirement, we make the customized park design into different districts according to his land, including slide, trampoline , electric merry go round, and game machine, amusement equipments, etc.

Indoor Comprehensive Park Project Layout For Turkey Client
Equipment Production

After signing the contract with the customer and receiving the advance payment, we immediately contact the factory to arrange production, so that the customer can receive the goods and start the project business as soon as possible.

Beston indoor soft playgrounds manufacture
Beston indoor playgrounds manufacture

At the client’s requirement, we arrange for our two engineers to Turkey for guiding the on-site installation of amusement rides. By the end of November, we successfully finish the installation for all indoor and outdoor rides. The clients are very satisfied with our products and service. Now the amusement park has opened up.

Beston soft playground equipment installation in Turkey
Beston indoor playground equipment installation in Turkey

Customer Reviews

Sattar Hadid:

Praise after installation and commissioning

All production work is done in front of the node. After that we arrange the shipment. All shipments are packed and sent to the nearest port for shipment to Turkey.

Praise for Beston equipment & service

I have bought all of the indoor and outdoor amusement equipment for my indoor comprehensive park project, including soft play equipment, a trampoline park, carousel rides, mini shuttle rides, bumper car, some game machines, mini ferris wheel, frog jump rides, kid excavator, etc and now it has been installed and operated in my park for a period of time. From my feedback photos and videos, you can see everything works well! Your amusement rides are popular and attractive for the customers in my park and I hope to cooperate with you again.

Beston Service

comprehensive amusement park project in Turkey

For the amusement rides, we can make customization in appearance, color, seats & logo, etc. Any requirement that you need, we will try to suit your request until you are satisfied.

indoor amusement park project in Turkey

We provide various kids and thrill amusement rides for small, middle & large amusement park, even making amusement park project design.

amusement park project in Turkey

We can arrange our professional engineer to your city for installation or provide detailed installation instruction, then you can install for yourself.

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Beston amusement is specialized in the manufacturing and designing of a wide range of amusement rides, as well as different indoor and outdoor amusement park designs. More importantly, we can make investment analysis of projects to guarantee all investors succeed. If you plan to start park product, contact us for details.

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