Ice Bumper Car For Sale

Do you enjoy bumper cars in the summer and ice skating in the winter? If so, you’re in luck. Now, we developed a new amusement ride—ice bumper cars! Your amusement parks need our new ice bumper cars, which is suitable for all ages of people. As its interesting and thrill and other advantage, ice bumper car will welcome by people from all over the world. Riders can drive their own ice bumper cars traveling in the amusement parks freely and display their driving skills when colliding, dodging. Each car has a wheel for steering and an accelerator pedal to get it moving. Ice bumper cars are required by your amusement cars or theme parks, plazas, malls. Contact us whenever you are looking for ice bumper cars.

BIBC-03-Best-Ice-Bumper-Cars-for-Sale-in-Beston BBC-01 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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spin zone bumper car for saleBBC-02 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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Product name Ice bumper car
Control system 1) Remote operated2) Coin&remote operated
Color Orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or customized
Material Car body: Fiber glassTube: 0.90 mm pvc tarpaulin
Loading Weight 200 kg(one adult and one child)
Battery 12V 45AH*2pcs
Motor Power 12V 180W*2pcs
Package Wooden case for export

BIBC-04-Ice-Bumper-Cars-for-Sale-in-Beston BBC-04 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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BNIC-06-Ice-Bumper-Cars-for-Sale-in-CheapBBC-05 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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Battery ice bumper car is one kind of recreational facility which is self-controlled. This kind of ice bumper car is suitable for sky holidays, frozen heaven and so on. Actually, ice bumper cars for sale is also called bumper cars on ice. We can supply many different models of kiddie rides which can meet most of our client’s demands. This is such a fun to drive indiscriminately from left to right. Face to face with the adversary only the brave one wins. Ice bumper car is available for people at all ages. Passengers will enjoy thrill and happiness during drive ice bumper cars.

BIBC-09-Ice-Bumper-Cars-for-Kids-in-Beston BBC-07 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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BIBC-10-Ice-Bumper-Cars-for-Amusement-Park-in-Low-PriceBBC-08 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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BIBC-12-Beston-Ice-Bumper-Cars-with-High-QualityBBC-09 Ice Battery Bumper Car For Sale

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Details and Advantages of Bumper Cars on Ice

1. Each type has 2 forward speed. When one joystick is on frontward position, the other is on backward position, the car would rotate 360 degree .
2. Steel skeleton and 4 PE wheels make the car strong enough to load 200Kg (Adult type) at most.
3. Featured with double 12-volt rechargeable battery make the car has monster power to go on smooth surface or rough terrain.
4. Coin system (token coin is supplied), Remote control system, Timer system and magnetic system.

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