Beston teacup rides for sale

Happy Flying Car Delivery to St petersburg

Congratualation on happpy flying car finished manufacturing and delivery to our clients in St petersburg on 11st, March this year, now our clients have received and sucessfully assemble the ride, all things are vey good. our clients sais that When he received our happy flying car rides , he is very satisfied with our rides, below are the happy flying car delivery photos that have shared with our St petersburg Customer. Any Interests, Click Here for learning more for various Beston train rides.
Beston happy flying car rides for sale

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Happy flying car ride is the newest amusement park rides in Beston. The super speed car ride is quite like rockin tug ride in working principle in exception of the difference of cabins. Riding on the crazy flying car ride, people will feel like driving an aircraft. We design the flying car ride with blue and white as the main color, which is very beautiful in appearance. And in the brim of the frame, we use splendid LED lights to make the new ride cool and eye-catching. This new amusement park ride can be widely used in carnivals, fairgrounds, parks, indoor entertainment centers, theme parks, and other funfairs.

Beston happy flying car rides suppliers in China
Beston happy flying car rides suppliers

Beston happy flying cars rides also are called as a “half-pipe ride” or “half-track ride” because this ride have two parts, the upper part is a racing car and the bottom part is a fixed stage with track. On the stage, there equipped on a half-track, the racing car can move alongside the track back and forth. With beautiful and colorful shinning lights, this rides always attract many children to play on. Beston happy flying cars do not need very large place to install. It can load 6-9 kids at the same time. If you are interested with Beston happy flying cars kiddie rides for sale, you can Email us or leave a message on our website.

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