fully automatic face mask making machine

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

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Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

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Fullly Automatic Mask Making Machine

Automatic face mask making machine realizes the automated production of masks, which mainly includes coil feeding, folding and pressing, plastic nose clip feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding and welding, finished product cutting and other processes, and completes the entire production process from coil raw materials to the finished masks. Beston masks have the characteristics of wearing comfort, no pressure, good filtering effect of masks, and fit the face shape of people,which are widely used in medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries.

Advantages Of Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

1. The whole set of mask making machine has a one-to-two structure and is automatically generated;
2. The machine adopts PLC programming control, servo drive, and with high automation;
3. The machine is with high stability, the low failure rate, and the appearance is constructed by European standard aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal, which is beautiful and strong;
4. Photoelectric detection of raw materials, better control of raw materials.
5.Automated mask production, testing and packaging
6. High output (120,000-140,000 / day), 99% high production qualification rate, 2% low equipment failure rate
7.Automatic tension control of raw materials to ensure the balance of raw material tension and the qualified rate of finished products
8. Change the mold to produce masks of different sizes and styles
9. When the machine is abnormal or the material is cut off, it will automatically stop the alarm and the screen will guide you to handle the abnormal situation quickly
10. 1-4 layers of mask body can be produced: 2 layers of non-woven masks, 3 layers of non-woven masks, 4 layers of activated carbon masks

Disposable Medical Protection Clothing

2019-nCoV Antibody Detection Kit

1.Test Sample:serum,plasma and venous whole blood; 2.Sample Size:10UL; 3.Card Type:1 serving/box, 10 serving/box, 20 serving/box, 30 serving/box, 40 serving/box, 50 serving/box,

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