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As we know, face мasks are a simple, but critical tactic in slowing the spread of the virus, them can protect you from getting exposed to the virus and also prevent you from spreading the virus to others. However, face мasks are facing a sharp shortage in the market. so, face мask making machine will have a huge market demand.

3ply Disposable Surgical Medical мask Making Machine For Sale

Face мask making machine consists of components to finish the whole procedure of producing surgical face мasks or disposable face мasks, including conveyor devices for delivering the raw materials (layers of non-woven fabric, nose clip metal wire, earloops rope), the cutting process (the мask body cutting, the nose clip cutting), the folding process, the welding process of earloops has an auto-feeding system, just need one labor to put a pile of мask bodies in the holder and then the мask body will be automatically sent to the conveyor for being welded with earloops.

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask Making Machine Manufacturers

Disposable Surgical мask Making Machine

Voltage:Single phase 220VAC/50/60Hz
Machine Total power:7.5KW
Machine Air pressure:0.5~0.6 Mpa
Machine Air consumption:35L/min
Operator:One person
Speed: 100~120pcs/min
Machine Capacity:40000~50000pcs / day
Machine Size:(L)495cm×(W)300cm×(H)198cm
Machine Weight:1800kg
Raw Material:pp nonwoven, Meltblown
Output:Disposable Face мask/surgical medical мask

Besides, Disposable Surgical Face мask Making Machine, we Beston also supply the disposable surgical face мask making machine 1+2 and 3-Ply Disposable Medical Face мask Machine, what’s more, we also supply the parts of face мask making machine, including the automatic мask bodies forming machine, automatic earloop welding machine, and the conveyor. As we know, the мask raw materials (Meltblown, Exterior & inner layer Spunbonds, and Nose wire) are formed together by the automatic мask body making machine, then be delivered to the automatic earloop welding machine and be weld with the earloop automatically, finally stacked on the conveyor.

face mask-making-machine-for-sale
Surgical мask Making Machine(1+2)
Size :6800x3600x2000mm
Weight:Less than 5000KG
Power supply: 220VAC+-5% 50HZ
Compressed air: 0.4-0.6mpa
Pass rate of production:99%
Average daily capacity:86400
face mask making manufacturing machine
3-Ply Disposable Medical Face мask Machine
Voltage:Two-phase 220VAC/50/60Hz,34A
Total power:7.5KW
Air pressure:0.5/0.7 Mpa
Air consumption:35L/min
Operator:One person
Capacity:80-120pcs / minute
Size :(L)2700×(W)2350×(H)1700mm

Beston Mask Bodies Making Machine
мask Bodies Making Machine
Capacity:80+ pcs / min
мask boy Flat size: 105 * 155 mm
Machine size: 3410 * 1260 * 1530 mm
Power:220 v, 50~60 hz, 6 kw
Air source pressure:0.6-0.7Mpa / cm2
Control mode:PLC
Inspection mode: Photoelectric detection
Output:KN95 мask bodies, with nose clip bar embedded
Beston Mask Bodies Making Machine Manufacturer
Automatic Earloop Welding Machine

Capacity: 80+ pcs/min
Power: 220 V 50 Hz 1.5 Kw
Drive type: servo motors
Air source: 0.4 ~ 0.7 MPa
Machine size: 1950 * 1050 * 1630 mm
Machine weight: 311 Kg
Package size: 2950 * 760 * 1560 mm
Package weight: 469 Kg

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Surgical Medical мask Making Machine Video

Detailed Photo of Disposable Face мask Making Machine

Raw Material Consumption of Disposable Surgical Face мask Machine

Parts Color GSM Specifications Length/мask Weight/мask(g) 1 ton material can produce мasks(pcs)
Outer Spunbond Blue/White/Pink 25 g/m2 Width: 175 mm;7.2 kg/roll;Dia. 55 cm 175 mm 0.81 1234568
Meltblown White 25 g/m2 Width: 175 mm;7.2 kg/roll;Dia. 55 cm 175 mm 0.81 1234568
Inner Spunbond White 25 g/m2 Width: 195 mm;8 kg/roll;Dia. 55 cm 175 mm 0.853 1172333
Nose Clip Wire White 350 m/kg Width: 3.2 mm; 90 mm 0.26 3888889
Elastic Earloop White 770 m/kg Dia.3mm 195*2mm 0.47 1974359
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Congratuation – Nepal Client Receive Disposable Surgical мask Machine &amp Start Production

3 ply face mask manufacturing machine for sale

Nepal Client Receive Disposable мask Making Machine &amp Start Production


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Beston Group is China leading Full Automatic Face мask Making Machine manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years experience and factory directly sale. In last decades, we have exported our мask Making Machine to 100+ country, including, Phillipines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, UK, Kenya, Ghana, Singpore, Bangladesh, Nepal, New Zealand, America,Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Ireland, Egypt, Cameroon, Ukraine, etc. And achieved the wide user’s trust and good reputation.

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