Flying Carousel For Sale

Flying Carousel For Sale

  • Installed Capacity: 90kw Ride
  • Height: 13m(up),10.4m(still)
  • Peripheral Speed: 10.4km/h
  • Spin Angle: 15º   Area: 46*31m
  • Load: 36 people
  • Theory Load: 540 people/h



The Description of the Flying Carcousel:

Flying Carcousel, sometimes called a swing carousel, wave swinger, Chair-O-Planes or swinger, represents one of the most classic attractions in the market, because of its simple and beautiful movement. This type ride is consist of 3 main parts: one central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. This chair ride is available in its traditional authentic colors all hand painted and in the theme clients desired. The seats can be 16 to 40 and are available in “kiddie” size or “adult” size.

Flying Carcousel Technical Parameters:

 Item  Turntable  Diameter  Rotary  diameter  Height  Voltage  Power  Capacity
BNFC-32A-1 10m 15m 15m 380v 15 kw 32persons
BNFC-32A-2 10m 15m 15m 380v 15 kw 32persons
BNFC-24A 7m 11m 8m 380v 7kw 24persons
BNFC-16A-1 5m 8m 7m 380v 4km 16persons
BNFC-16A-2 8m 12m 7m 380v 4.5kw 16persons
BNFC-12A 5m 7m 3.5m 380v 2.2kw 12 persons

Why choose us:

1.Colors and style can be customized up to clients
2.CE,BV, ISO approved
3.Warranty: 1 year
4.Competitive price and quality

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