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88M High Ferris Wheel For Sale

88 meter ferris wheel ride price for sale

88M High Ferris Wheel For Sale

  • Cabin Number:48 pcs
  • Total Capacity:268 persons
  • Occupied Area :38*44 m2
  • Wheel Diameter:83m
  • Power of Air-filled motor:2.2kw
  • Power of Oil Pump motor:37kw
  • Voltage:380v



Introduction of the 88M High Ferris Wheel:

The Ferris wheel is a large wheel-like mechanical construction facility, hung on the edge of the wheel is a cockpit for passengers. As a large-scale and exciting amusement park equipment manufacturer,the 89 meters Ferris Wheel is favored by venturesome person which can fully meet your thrilling demound.The working principle of the Ferris wheel is to reduce the high speed and low torque of the motor to the high torque and low speed mechanical power by using a motor to reduce the speed. The tire is transmitted to the wheel by an intermediate mechanism such as a tire, which is both flexible and has a certain strength. It rotates at low speed.Passengers sit in the overhead bin , ups with the turntable , broaden our horizon and have a good view of the beautiful scenery .

88meter ferris wheel rides suppliers

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88 meters Ferris wheel seems to be popular among customers. 88m observation wheel can serve as best observation station for tourists to have a panoramic view of surroundings. As a professional manufacturer of Ferris wheels, Beston always puts safety, that is, the high quality of 88m Ferris wheel at first. Except for 88m ones, there are other Ferris wheels available in Beston, ranging total heights from 20m up to 104 meters. Of course, there are also children small Ferris wheels available. In light of these different heights, Beston Ferris wheels are suitable for parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, family entertainment centers, indoor malls or parks, backyards, and playgrounds.

Features of 88m Ferris Wheel Rides

1.88m Ferris wheel has 8 supporting columns, with each side 4 columns.
2.On one column, there is a device to monitor the speed of winds. And it will make alarm once the wind is about 15m/s.
3.There are spare motors available, allowing you to safely unload passengers even in emergency situation.
4.As professional manufacturer, we can offer you over all service, from drawing foundation graphs to installation help.
5.For the cabins, they are also closed ones with air conditioner, comfortable seats, and anti-slippery floors.

The Specification of the 88M High Ferris Wheel:

Model BNFW-88A
Total Height 88m
Wheel Diameter 83m
Occupied Area 38*44m
Cabin Number 48pcs
Total Capacity 268persons
Power of Air-Filled Motor 2.2kw
Power of Oil Pump Motor 37kw
Voltage 380v
Installation Provided installation video and foundation drawing
Use fields Amusement park , Fairground , Indoor/outdoor play field

Reasons to choose us:

1. Over 20 years producing experience, over 7000 square meters area.
2. All workshops with independent division of work.
3. Anti-corrosion painting without any harm on environment.
4. All of our electronic components meet national standard.
5. All the equipment will be tested before leaving our factory.
6. Prompt shipment,by reputed shipping line and professional documents.
7. Buy directly from factory & 100% factory price & quality assurance
8. Sale Overseas & we have exported to over 60+ countries.

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