Beston ferris wheel rides for sale

BESTON Amusement is China top ferris wheel manufacturer & supplier with 20 years experience, We supply different types of ferris wheel rides, such as small ferris wheel, 20, 30, 42, 50 and 65 meter ferris wheels, etc, which are widely applied for amusement parks, theme park, funfair entertainment center. More details are as below.

65m Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:38*32m    Capacity:216 persons/36 cabins

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50m Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:35*32m    Capacity:128 persons/32 cabins

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42m Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:28*31m    Capacity:96 persons/24 cabins

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30m Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:21*23m    Capacity:72 persons/18cabins

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20m Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:17*14m    Capacity:48 persons/12 cabins

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small ferris wheel rides for sale
kids small ferris wheel rides for sale
Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

Covering Area:5.5*4.5*5.5m   Capacity:10 kids/5 cabins

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Details Display & Technical Guarantee

National standard raw materials, corrosion resistance, long life

All materials are made of national standard seamless steel pipes, and the steel pipes at the connecting parts of the components are all closed to avoid internal corrosion and improve service life; after welding, the overall shot blasting and rust removal can improve paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, and prolong service life.

Precise size & beautiful appearance

All parts are CNC blanked, the size is accurate, the appearance is neat and beautiful.

Beautiful lighting effects

The ferris wheel is equipped with laser lights in the central area. The circular turntable of the entire ferris wheel is equipped with many LED lights, which can simulate various visual effects according to different times and environments.

High safety performance

Equipped with anemometers, lightning protection devices and emergency power generation devices, providing a strong guarantee in terms of safety performance.

Excellent customer experience

The cockpit can be customized with air-conditioning facilities and digital wireless intercom system, and the seats can be customized with leather soft seats to enhance the safety and experience of tourists.

Why To Choose Beston Ferris Wheel?

  • Various Types

    We supply various ferris wheel rides, Incluing kid small ferris wheel rides and 20,30,42,50,65, meter large ferris wheel, etc. And truss type, spoke type & truss spoke type ferris wheel can be also done

  • Unique Customized

    The cockpit can be painted according to the requirements, it can be opened or closed, the lighting can be customized, logo can be added, and the basic platform can be customized, etc.

  • After-sale Service Assurance

    Provide one-year warranty, free replacement parts due to product quality during the warranty period; reply within 12 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours; regular engineers will return to visit,

  • Engineer Installation Guidance

    Send two engineers to guide the installation on site (electrical engineer and mechanical engineer); with operation manual, after installation and commissioning, the installer will provide free

  • Long Service Life

    High-quality seamless steel pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic, iron frame, etc., the equipment has a long service life, the design life is 15 years, the tire and motor components do not need to be replaced

  • Optional High Configuration Cabins

    The cabins can be made of fiberglass, aluminum alloy as well as Space capsule for 4,6 & 8 seats. And it can configure the air conditions, sofas, tables, etc.

Beston Transaction Cases

Beston Amusement Equipment Factory is China’s top ferris wheel supplier and manufacturer, we have exported many ferris wheel to over 99+ countries and help with installation instructions, Including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Africa and other countries.

Outdoor Comprehensive Park Project

Installation Date: On 5th, September 2021

Export Country: Saudi Arabia

Project Type: Outdoor Comprehensive Park

Land Area: 25000 ㎡

Customer Said :

I am Margaret from Indonesia. I bought the 65 m ferris wheel rides from Beston amusement. Now our amusement park have opened up with excellent business. I’m very satisfied with the quality of ferris wheel, installation, commission and all the service from Beston. hope to have more business with Beston.

Suburb Amusement Park Project

Installation Date: On 6th, January 2022

Export Country: Indonesia

Project Type: Suburb Amusement Park

Land Area: 20000 ㎡

Customer Said :

I am Henny Inneke from Indonesia, I am so lucky to choose Beston Amusement for buying ferris wheel, because of its excellent service, equipment quality, delivery on time and professional engineer for solving all installation questions, shared producing procedure and so on. I will have more cooperation with Beston.

City Amusement Park Project

Installation Date: On 5th, October 2020

Export Country: Uzbekistan

Project Type: City Amusement Park

Land Area: 15000 ㎡

Customer Said :

Beston engineers are very professional! They can reasonably plan the installation of the ferris wheel according to our site conditions. We start with Beston Group online. Beston’s after-sales team gives us perfect service from the very beginning until the ferris wheel is installed. It’s my pleasure to work with Beston.

Amusement Park Project Solutions Provider

As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Beston not only supplies ferris wheel and various amusement rides for the amusement park and other entertainment places, but also focuses on children’s playgrounds and amusement park overall planning & operation guidance, and supplies the whole amusement park project solutions.

surburb amusmenet park project project
city amusement park project design
indoor amusement park project design
resort hotel amusement park project
city square amusement park project
  • 01
    Comprehensive Amusement Park Design
  • 02
    Surburb Amusement Park Design
  • 03
    City Amusement Park Project Design
  • 04
    Indoor Amusement Park Design
  • 05
    Resort Hotel Amusement Park Design
  • 06
    Small City Square Park Design

High ROI Of Beston Amusement Park Project

Do you plan to build an amusement park project, but worry if it will be profitable? You can contact Beston for helping make the precise return on investment analysis according to your amusement park situation. Below shared the real investment budget analysis for the amusement park project with ferris wheel in China, Henan Province for your reference.

Amusement Park Project Investment Budget Analysis Form
Operating period 8 (year) Equipment life 8~10 (year) Electricity fee 0.071 (USD/degree)
customer flow analysis Working day Off day Average annual passenger flow Effective day per year Average fare
300 (person/day) 1000 (person/day) 2000000 (person/year) 300 (day) 10 (USD/person)
Equipment investment Park Types Equipment Qty Full load power consumption Max capacity Average unit price
Outdoor Suburban Amusement Park 12 (set) 443.3 (degrees / hour) 309 (person/ 5min)) 71428 (USD/set)
Total equipment investment (USD/year) 857136÷8=107142
Site investment Site area(㎡) Venue rent (USD/year) Public relations expenses (USD) Caonstruction costs (USD) Other cost
80,000 71,428 14,285 42,857 14,285
Total site investment (USD/year) 92,855
Operating cost Operating electricity fee Staff number Per capita expenditure Business activities Tax expenses
254 (USD/day) 20 11.4 (USD/day) 14285 (USD/year) 7142 (USD/year)
Total operating investment (USD/year) 93,814
Operating income Average annual net income Annual average turnover Average annual expenditure
2,563,328 (USD) 2,857,142 (USD) 293,814 (USD)

Do you plan to build the amusement park project, but have no idea how to start? Please contact us country manager to tailor an investment & business plan for the whole park project.

Our Service

  • Pre-Sales Service

    Learn more about customer needs and provide product configuration solutions

    Invite customers to visit the production site or factory area and explain the whole process

    According to customer needs, introduce necessary supporting plans or financing plans

    For Park Project, supply 3D overall design and promotional animation of park

  • In-Sales Service

    Provide customers with the production progress of the product in the workshop in time

    According to customer needs, invite customers to the factory to verify before delivery

    The whole process of monitoring the transportation links to ensure safety and timeliness,

    contact the customer in advance to prepare the site and installation

  • After-Sale Service

    Equipped with dedicated after-sales service engineers to maintain efficient communication

    Continue to provide customers with professional training and cultivate follow-up professionals

    Regularly inspect the customer site to learn the equipment status and solve all clients’ problems in time

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