Energy Storm rides For Sale


Energy Storm rides For Sale

  • Capacity:40persons
  • Diameter:12m
  • Running Height: 7m
  • Covering Area: 14×14m
  • Running Speed:1.5m/s
  • Driving Power: 25kW
  • Voltage: 220/380V



Introduction of the energy storm rides

Energy storm ride is a kind of big and thrilling amusement ride, which is made up of arms, support bottom, transmission system and the operation box. This equipment is mainly driven by a combination of a hydraulic motor. Tourists sitting on the seat, the main arm swing back around the main axis of rotation, while the link arm through the hydraulic power system, driving seat as part of a bottom-up around the rod shaft 180°semicircle tipping sports, seat parts rotary power device drivers for each group vice chair around the rotary axis of rotation. It also belongs to the spectacular rides which is also made by high quality steel and fiberglass and usually equipped with high capacity.There are 3 kinds of energy storm ride in Beston Amusement, 3 arms with 12 cabins, 4 arms with 16 cabins, and 5 arms with 20 cabins(per arms is with four cabin and per cabin can carry 2 passengers). Any interests, contact us for more information and quotation.

Technical Data of the energy storm rides

Model BNES-40A
Capacity 40 persons
Size 12*12m
Covering Area 14*14m
Height 7m
Speed 1.5m/s
Power 25kw
Voltage 380v

Reasons to choose us:

1. Over 20 years producing experience, over 7000 square meters area.
2. All workshops with independent division of work.
3. Anti-corrosion painting without any harm on environment.
4. All of our electronic components meet national standard.
5.All the equipment will be tested before leaving our factory.
6.Prompt shipment,by reputed shipping line and professional documents.
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