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The electromagnetic pulse valve is specially designed for the application of dust collector equipment,which is with the high flow rate, long life and momentary opening and closing valve. Its opening and closing is controlled by an electromagnetic pilot. Due to its advanced design, the valve has good fluidity. The diaphragm has low pressure loss. After  many years of research and development experience make the product more mature, ensuring that the electromagnetic pulse valve quickly opens when the pulse electric signal is received and closes quickly after completing the pulse.

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electromagnetic pulse valve use high-purity aluminum alloy die-casting valve body and electromagnetic pulse valve diaphragm composed of special inclusions, which makes the diaphragm have extremely high tensile strength, aging resistance and low abrasion, making our electromagnetic pulse valve injection Service life is over 1 million times or three to five years without damage.

Are you interested in our electromagnetic pulse valve?  Please Send Us an Inquiry

The electromagnetic pulse valve coil is higher than the national standard insulation injection. The protection level is IP65. Fully potted, all copper enameled wire, the number of turns is higher than the national standard. The core rotates 360 °, and the junction box can be rotated and installed 4 x 90 ° to prevent rainwater from entering when exposed to the open air, which greatly facilitates installation at different angles.

Specifications Of Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

Operating pressure 0.2~0.6MPa
Working medium Clean air
Voltage DC24V AC110V AC220V(士10%)
Current 1A          0.46A    0.23A
Temperature level 1.Normal temperature -25℃~80℃(-13℉~176℉)
2.High temperature -25℃~23℃(-13℉~446℉)
Relative humidity of  air Relative humidity of air≤85%
Degree of protection IP65
Diaphragm life More than 1 million times, or 3-5 years

DMF-Z type electromagnetic pulse valve input port and an output port angle is 90 DEG angle valve, internal threads for the input and output, respectively and gas box (air bag) on spools or spray blowing thread connecting pipe,convenient installation, smooth airflow, can provide ideal cleaning Qimai,applicable to all kinds of filter element cleaning.

Material Intruction Of Electromagnetic Pulse Valve

Body ADC12 aluminum alloy
Clamp spring 304stainless steel
Pilot component 430FR stainless steel,etc
Diaphragm Nitrite rubber/fluororubber(high-temperature valve)
Spring 304 stainless steel
Fastener 302 stainless steel

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