disposable medical protection clothing

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

disposable medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing/Disposable Isolation Gown is essential equipment not only to protect medical professionals from pathogens, but also to protect patients from possible contamination by non-sterile garments. You’ll find health care professionals and some patients wearing protective gear in many medical situations.

Disposable Isolation Gown Supplier

There is a variety of protective attire to cover every part of the body. Medical professionals and others choose which type of clothing they wear based on the requirements of their job, the safety hazards they may encounter, and required standard safety regulations. Basic types of protective garb include:Surgical caps,Safety goggles and face shields,Masks,Gloves,Scrubs,Surgical gowns,Surgical sleeves,Coveralls or jumpsuits,Shoe covers and Lab coats.

Disposable Medical Protection Suit Supplier Disposable Medical Protection Clothing
PP 35gsm/Microporous 55gsm/SMS 55gsm

Disposable Isolation Gown For Sale (3) Disposable Isolation Gown & Apron
PP+PE 35gsm/PP 35gsm

Disposable Isolation Gown For Sale (2)  Isolation Gown Level 1/Level2
20g PP/20g PP+15g PE

Disposable Isolation Gown Costs prices 45g SMS Surgical gowns Level 2

Disposable Isolation Gown Costs Syppliers 50g SMMS Surgical gowns Level 4

Disposable Isolation Gown For Sale (1) Other Protection Gear

Performance Of Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

1.Impermeability: The hydrostatic pressure of key parts should not be lower than 1.67 KPA (17 cmH2O).
2.Surface moisture resistance: The water level on the outer side should not be lower than level 3.
3.Breaking strength: The breaking strength of the material in the key parts should not be lower than 45N.
4.Elongation at break: The elongation at break of key materials should not be less than 15%.
5.Elastic band: no gap, no break, can rebound after stretching and Breathable and waterproof.
6.Application: Outpatient ward laboratory of medical institution

disposable medical protective suit

Advantage of Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

1.Acid-proof, Anti-Shrink, Anti-Static, Breathable, Dust-Proof, Greaseproof, Nontoxic, Good isolation.
2.Hood, waist, cuffs and ankles with elastic adjustment, comfortable and comfortable to wear.
3.Product description: The lengthways breaking force no less than 40N.crosswise no less than 25 N,elongation at break shall not be less than 15%.

Specification of Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

Size Chart After mid-length Bust Sleeve length Back width Appropriate height
S 142 108 53 43 155-158
M 148 114 55 45 158-165
L 155 120 57 47 165-170
XL 162 122 59 49 170-175
XXL 167 126 59 51 175-180
XXXL 172 128 60 52 180-185

1.Proper training, use and maintenance of protective clothing are important for safety. In any case, please confirm that the product is complete, the place of use, wear correctly, wear it all the time during exposure and replace it if necessary.Precautions for medical protective clothing2.Before use, if you need to wear other safety protective equipment (masks, goggles, etc.), the user should read the product instructions carefully to ensure that the protective equipment is properly matched.
3.After use, in the process of taking off the protective clothing, wash hands or disinfect hands in all aspects of the process, to avoid pollution. The above protective articles, except the protective mirror to be sterilized, the other disposable articles should be placed in a designated waste bin for centralized treatment.

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