Disco Tagada Crazy Dance Disco Ride For Sale

Disco Tagada Rides‎/Crazy Dance Disco Rides


Disco Tagada /Crazy Dance Disco Ride For Sale

  • Capacity: 24persons
  • Dimension: 8*8m
  • Equipment Area: 9.5*9.5m
  • Equipment Height: 4 m
  • Equipment Speed: 1.6m/s
  • Power: 6.5kw
  • Customize: 8-40 persons



Description of the Disco Tagada Ride

A crazy dance disco tagada ride is a very popular amusement ride, mostly appraised by teenagers because of the dico appeal. Riders sit in a round bowl with no seatbelt or restraint. There are bars behind the riders which they hold on to. The ride starts to spin, the music starts playing and hydraulic arms bounce the riders up and down. Beston Tagada ride is operated by a human operator, they will synchronize the bounces with the music beat. operators give time for riders to get to their seats again before making the ride bounce . Sometimes riders will be told the ride is over and the gates will not open and operator will rest art the ride making everyone fall over and then open the gate.

Characteristics of the Disco Tagada Rides:

1.  Disco Tagada Rides is like the sea waves and flying saucer space, infinite changes, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly.
2. Popular amusement ride for amusement park, mostly appraised by teenagers because of the disco appeal.
3. Widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, family entertainment centersetc.
4. Multi-service safety service; Durable, fadeless, comfortable and thrilling amusement rides.

Disco Turntable Technical Parameters:

Capacity Turntable Diameter Height Rotary diameter Power Voltage
16 persons 6m 7m 7m 4.5KW 380V
24 persons 7m 8m 11m 7KW 380V
32 persons 10m 9m 13m 12KW 380V
36 persons 12m 12m 14m 15KW 380V
12 persons / 3.5m 7.5m 2.2KW 380V

Beston Other Model Disco Tagata Rides

We Beston is the leading manufacturer and supplier for the amusement rides in China, We have exported the disco tagata rides to many clients all over the world , for the dosco tagata rides, we Beston supply various model  disco tagada ride range from 8 persons to 40 persons  for your amusement park, Quality first is our obligation! We also can customize a special one by your requirement. Let us check Beston featured tagada disco rides specifications. Contact us for more information and quotation.

8 seats disco tagata rides for sale
Disco Tagata Ride For Sale

Capacity: 8persons
Dimension: 5*6m
Coving Area: 6.5*7.5m
Equipment Height: 3.8m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 17kw

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16 seats disco tagata for sale
Disco Tagata Ride For Sale

Capacity: 16 persons
Dimension: 7*5m
Coving Area: 8.5*6.5m
Equipment Height: 3.8m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 22kw

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24 seats disco tagata rides for sale
Disco Tagata Ride For Sale

Capacity: 24 persons
Dimension: 8*8m
Coving Area: 9.5*9.5m
Equipment Height:4m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 25kw

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40 seats disco tagata rides for sale
Disco Tagata Ride For Sale

Capacity: 40 persons
Dimension: 10*10m
Coving Area: 11*11m
Equipment Height:4m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Power: 40kw

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