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Park Solutions

Based on core technology and customer demand as the guide, Beston provides customers with a complete set of solutions for planning, design, equipment customization, and operation management. As a top amusement rides manufacturer in China, we not only provide various amusement park rides, but also supply the whole park design and solutions for how to build amusement park for investors.

After many years of development, Beston have cultivated a batch of experienced designers. We always insist on providing customers with the most competitive park planning, product matching, site operation support and rides after-sales guarantee services.

How to Proceed Your Park Solutions?

Online Consultation

Business manager communicatesand to learn customers’ general needs and gives professional opinions.

Preliminary Plan

After detailed communication requirements, carry out free preliminary planning and design.

Design Contract

Sign a detailed design contract after confirming the preliminary plan.

Land Situation Survey

Professional surveying and mapping personnel go to the venue to measure accurate data.

Deepen Design

Professional design team, refine the design plan until you are satisfied.

Equipment Production

Production according to product design drawings to ensure product quality.

Equipment Delivery

The delivery process is lightly put in the transportation process to protect equipment from damaging.

Production & Test

Ensure the quality and quantity of production and test before leaving factory!

On-site Construction

After the production is completed, the wholesale to the project is based.

Completion Acceptance

After the client is completed in accordance with the acceptance standard.

After-sales Service

The operation stage provides continuous after-sales service in accordance with the after -sales service standards.


Video of Amusement Park Solutions from Beston

Beston supplies various park solutions according to clients’ different land situations! Please contact us for your own unique park solutions!

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