kids family amusement equipments for sale In Beston

With the upgrading and development of amusement rides, more and more new and beautiful carousel rides are flooding into the global market. Beston carousel has won the recognition of the global market, because of its diverse designs.

Beston Amusement is China leading carousel rides manufacturer and supplier with 20+ years of experience, which can supply various carousel ride for amusement park, theme park, funfair and fairground entertainment center, Including luxury carousel, royal carousel, palace carousel, double decker carousel, etc. Besides, our carousel rides can be customized with different appearance designs at your request.

Types of Amusement Carousel Rides For Sale

16 seats carousel rides for sale

Luxury Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 16 Persons
Equipment Size: 6.5*6.5*5m
Covering Area: 8×8m
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European carousel rides for sale

European Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 16 Persons
Equipment Size: 6*5*6.5*5.5m
Covering Area: 8×8m
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24 seats luxury carousel rides for sale

24 Seats Luxury Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 24 Persons
Equipment Size: 9*9*6.5m
Covering Area: 10×10m
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24 seats palace carousel rides for sale

Luxury Court Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 26 persons
Equipment Height: 7.8m
Covering Area: 9×9m
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36 Seats Palace Carousel Rides For Sale

36 Seats Palace Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 24 persons
Equipment Size: 10.8*10.8*9m
Covering Area: 13.1×13.1m
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Beston Double Decker Carousel Rides For Sale

Double Decker Carousel Rides For Sale

Capacity: 68 persons
Equipment Size: 16*16*13.8m
Speed: 3.6rmp
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Why To Choose Carousel Rides For Investment

Unique Custom-made

The patterns of cornices and middle screens, ceilings, lights, and riding horses can all be customized to make your carousel unique and local

Professional FRP Process

The average thickness is 5 to 8mm, the thickness of the bearing part is 10mm and the steel parts are embedded, using the production process of 3 felts and 2 cloths. FRP is flat and smooth, not easily deformed, and durable.

Multiple Tests Before Shipment

Before leaving the factory, the carousel is tested three times in the no-load state, the unbalanced load state and the full-load state to ensure the normal operation of the carousel

Luxurious Lighting

All lights use RGB-LED light source, selected from one of the best LED manufacturers in China, energy-saving, stable, long life, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the color can be customized freely

Installation Instruction Service

We dispatch professional engineers to guide customers in the local installation or provide detailed installation videos and instructions, customers can install by themselves

Low Investment, High Return

Our carousel has low noise, stable and comfortable operation, 100% attendance rate, half a year return. Easy maintenance, short time-consuming, long effective operation time of the equipment, guaranteeing the owner’s income

Video of Beston Carousel Rides

Investment Suggestions for Amusement Carousel Rides

The carousel is an essential ride for playgrounds, plazas, amusement parks, backyards, resorts, zoos, gardens, scenic spots, other entertainment centers, etc. Investors will choose different types and designs of carousel rides, according to different venues, age groups of people and seasonal factors.

Click here to consult Beston Product Manager to tailor an investment and business plan for your theme park project. Here are some examples of solutions that our product managers have developed for clients:

small amusement park projects

Small Amusement Park Project

The client has 1000 square meters of land and wants to start a small outdoor amusement park project, and wants us to recommend suitable rides for him. According to the land situation and budget, we send the appropriate product catalog, finally the customer chooses one of the big thrilling rides and 5 family amusement rides, including:

  • Fruit flying chair rides
  • Bear teacup rides
  • Small trampoline
  • 16 seats carousel rides
  • Self-control bear rides
  • Happy spray ball rides
Total Budget: 100-150K USD (equipment only)

Popular Family Amusement Park

The client has 7000 square meters of space where he wants to create a children’s playground. There is also a kid’s cafe. That’s why he wants to know how much and what the amusement park would include, especially carousel rides, and pirate ships. A small indoor space for toddlers (1-4 years old), preschool and school students up to 12 years old. At the customer’s request, below recommend suitable rides:

  • 30m ferris wheel
  • bumper car rides
  • 16 seats carousel rides
  • rotary octopus rides
  • break dance rides
  • Kid indoor Playground
  • Indoor play equipment
  • 24 seats pirate ship
  • Tea Cups rides
  • flying chair rides
  • spray ball rides
  • trackless train rides
Total Budget: 400-500K USD (equipment only)

Medium Amusement Park Project

The clients own 15000 square meter area and they want to build indoor & outdoor amusement park project. Then have selected some amusement rides from our website and want to buy some rides from the direct manufacturer, because they want us to send technical specifications, photos of each product and price and delivery time. After checking our catalogue, they finally choose these rides as follows:

  • 30m ferris wheel
  • disco tagada rides
  • 24 seats carousel rides
  • big pendulum rides
  • self-control plane rides
  • top spin rides
  • flying UFO rides
  • 24 seats pirate ship
  • small ferris wheel
  • Indoor play equipment
  • swing tower rides
  • drop tower rides
Total Budget: 2000-3000K USD (equipment only)

Note: To protect customer privacy, customer details are not shown too much here. If you need, please contact us individually. Any interest in theme park projects, please contact us for more details and price list. Learn More

Installation Cases Of Beston Carousel Rides For Sale

Beston Amusement is the professional manufacturer in the amusement carousel ride, we manufacture all kinds of carousel models for different designs and themes, and even can absolutely custom the design at your request according to your site area and situation, Above are some model designs for only your reference, if you order our carousel ride, we can arrange the professional engineer for helping your installation instruction or provided the detailed installation manual for you. Below are some installation cases for your review, contact us for more information and detailed quotation.

Beston Carousel Rides In Nigeria
Beston Carousel Rides Installation In Algeria
Beston Carousel Rides Installation In Bangladesh
Beston Carousel Rides Installation In Saudi Arabia
16 seats carousel rides manufacturers
Beston Carousel Rides Installation In Egypt
16 seats carousel rides for sale
Beston Carousel Rides Installation In United Arab Emirates

Amusement Park Project Feeback From Cooperation Clients

Many cooperation clients have bought the carousel rides for their amusement park projects, such as the 16, 24, 36 seats and double-decker carousel rides, etc. And their park business is doing well, the carousel equipment is very popular with 100% attendance, especially on weekends and holidays, if you plan to start the amusement park project, might as well choose carousel rides for investment. Here shared some amusement park project video feedback from clients for your reference:

High ROI(Retuen On Investment) of Beston Amusement Park Project

Do you plan to build an amusement park project, but worry if it will be profitable? You can contact Beston for helping make the precise return on investment analysis according to your amusement park situation. Below shared the real investment budget analysis for the amusement park project with 24 seats carousel rides in China, Henan Province for your reference.

Amusement Park Project Investment Budget Analysis Form
Operating period 8 (year) Equipment life 8~10 (year) Electricity fee 0.071 (USD/degree)
customer flow analysis Working day Off day Average annual passenger flow Effective day per year Average fare
300 (person/day) 1000 (person/day) 2000000 (person/year) 300 (day) 10 (USD/person)
Equipment investment Park Types Equipment Qty Full load power consumption Max capacity Average unit price
Outdoor Suburban Amusement Park 12 (set) 443.3 (degrees / hour) 309 (person/ 5min)) 71428 (USD/set)
Total equipment investment (USD/year) 857136÷8=107142
Site investment Site area(㎡) Venue rent (USD/year) Public relations expenses (USD) Caonstruction costs (USD) Other cost
80,000 71,428 14,285 42,857 14,285
Total site investment (USD/year) 92,855
Operating cost Operating electricity fee Staff number Per capita expenditure Business activities Tax expenses
254 (USD/day) 20 11.4 (USD/day) 14285 (USD/year) 7142 (USD/year)
Total operating investment (USD/year) 93,814
Operating income Average annual net income  Annual average turnover Average annual expenditure
2,563,328 (USD) 2,857,142 (USD) 293,814 (USD)

Note: This analysis is only amusement park project in China for your reference.The specific investment and operating income vary depending on the site conditions. If you plan to start a amusement park project and want to get return analysis, Please contact us for precise analysis. Learn More

Clients Reviews for Amusement Carousel Rides

Beston amusement carousel rides have been exported many countries worldwide and it has been well received by customers,because of the good product quality and service. Below are some of the customer reviews for your checking. If you want to learn more about our cooperation, please leave a message here.

Beston amusement rides review worldwide
Beston amusement rides review worldwide

More Equipments for Amusement Park Project

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