Carnival Kangaroo Jumping Ride For Sale

Kangaroo Jumping Rides For Sale

  • Kangaroo Jumping Ride For Sale
    Kangaroo Jumping Rides For Sale
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    BESTON kangaroo Jumping Rides For Sale
  • Kangaroo Jumping Rides Price
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    Kangaroo Jumping Rides Cost

This is our standard specification of kangaroo jump rides, if you want to make customize and designs

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Where Can Kangaroo Jump Be Invested?

Our kangaroo jump rides can be widely applied in theme parks, different types of indoor & outdoor amusement parks, scenic, resort hotels, city squares, etc. Below are some park project designs that we have done for investors, who bought the kangaroo jump rides.

Comprehensive Amusement Park Design
amusement Kangaroo Jumping Rides
12 seats kangaroo jump rides

Capacity: 12 adults

Equipment Size: 7.5*7.5m

Power: 11kw

Suburban Amusement Park Design
Kangaroo Jumping Rides suppliers
12 seats kangaroo jump rides

Capacity: 12 adults

Equipment Size: 7.5*7.5m

Power: 11kw

amusement park project solution

City Amusement Park Design
buy Kangaroo Jumping Rides
30 seats kangaroo jump

Capacity: 30 adults

Equipment Size: 16*16m

Power: 24kw

Amusement Park Project Solutions

As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Beston not only supplies kangaroo jump rides and various other amusement rides for the amusement park and other entertainment places but also focuses on overall planning & operation guidance of park projects and supplies the whole amusement park project solutions. Here shared the amusement park solutions that we have done for Nigeria Clients below:

  • 01

    Customer Project Status

    we got the inquiry from Mr Hyacinth that he planned to buy some amusement rides for small outdoor park next to his resort hotel in 2019, after getting the inquiry, our country manager contact him at once.

  • 02

    Final Selected Equipments

    16 seats carousel rides, mini ferris wheel, flying UFO, space walk, kid worm roller coaster, self-control plane and flying chair

  • 03

    Park Project Design

    According to his land area and amusement rides that he finally confirmed, we finished the park design within one week and revised it four times design for his suggestion and requirement until he was satisfied.

  • 04

    Production, Delivery & Installation

    Because of the covid-19, we can not arrange an engineer to Nigeria for installation, so our engineer supplied detailed installation intructions online. during the installtion, some spare parts were broken.

  • 05

    Customer Feedback

    I am Hyacinth from Nigeria. I plan to invest in an outdoor amusement park next to my resort hotel in 2019. Now the outdoor amusement park project have finished with Beston and the park business has been doing well.

Why To Choose Beston Kangaroo Jump?

  • Unique Custom-made

    The patterns of cornices and middle screens, ceilings, lights, and kangaroo body can all be customized to make your miami rides unique and local

  • Quality Steel Frames

    All steel frames are dusted and coated with anti-rust paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and prolongs the life of the equipment. Metal flaw detection is carried out inside and outside to ensure excellent performance.

  • Professional FRP Process

    The average thickness is 5 to 8mm, the thickness of the bearing part is 10mm and the steel parts are embedded, using the production process of 3 felts and 2 cloths. FRP is flat and smooth, not easily deformed, and durable.

  • Multiple Tests Before Shipment

    Before leaving the factory, the kangaroo jump rides is tested three times in the no-load state, the unbalanced load state and the full-load state to ensure the normal operation of the kangaroo.

  • Luxurious lighting

    All lights use RGB-LED light source, selected from one of the best LED manufacturers in China, energy-saving, stable, long life, waterproof and moisture-proof, and the color can be customized freely.

  • Installation Instruction Service

    We dispatch professional engineers to guide customers in the local installation or provide detailed installation videos and instructions, customers can install by themselves

Specifications Of Kangaroo Jump Rides

Item Kangaroo jumping Kunfu panda jumping Jumping machines (New Design)
Arms 6arms 6arms 10arms
Passenger 12 persons 12persons 30persons
Power 7.2KW 10kw 22kw
Area 7.5mDiameter 7.5m Diameter 12m Diameter
Item Kangaroo jumping Kunfu panda jumping Jumping machines (New Design)
Arms 8arms 8arms 12arms
Passenger 16persons 16 persons 36persons
Power 11KW 11kw 24KW
Area 6m Diameter 8.6m Diameter 16m Diameter
height 3m 4m

This is our standard specification for kangaroo rides, if you want to make customized designs, please leave a message for details.

Beston Transaction Cases

After years of development, Beston’s business has spread all over the world. Our amusement rides are not only sold domestically but also exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, including Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, etc. The following is the kangaroo jump rides customers feedback for your reference:

Kangaroo Jumping Rides Suppliers

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