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Big Pendulum Rides In Indonesia

Warmly congratulation that Beston big pendulum rides have arrived at Indonesia and finished installation and debugging, it is a newest pendulum rides for teenager & adults with 23 seats and with down-motor driven and colorful lights. now our clients have finished the running test and started his business on 11st, September,2021. When he received our trackless train , he is very satisfied with our train rides, below are the big pendulum video feedback from our Indonesia Customer. If you are interested, please contact us for more details and price list at any time.

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Big Pendulum Ride For Sale

  • Capacity: 23/30persons
  • Covering Area: 24*18m
  • Equipment Height: 18m
  • Running Height:20.5m
  • Power:150kw
  • Voltage: 220/380V,50HZ
  • Material: FRP& Steel

Big Pendulum is also called Frisbee Ride/Space Travel. It is a kind of amusement equipment which makes circular motion along the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of transmission structures??—hydraulic and mechanical. The most obvious feature is that passengers rocking roll with the start of the equipment. Once you take part in the equipment, the feeling of weightlessness makes passenge travelling in the space. It is very popular among the youth.for the 360 degree big pendulum, we have 23 and 30 seats model for selection. Please feel free to contact us at any time for detailed information and quotation.
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Beston big pendulum rides for sale have beautiful shape and scientific structure and belong to one of the most popular rides nowadays, which is attractive amusement ride and many riders come to relax themselves, challenge themselves. When you are looking for frisbee ride or big/giant pendulum ride for sale, including the frisbee ride of small model, Beston amusement park products will be your ideal choice.

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