3 loop roller coaster in Irap

Beston Roller Coaster Installation In Irap

Beston 3 loop roller coaster ride for sale

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Last Week, Beston 3 roller coaster have arrived at Irap for our amusement park clients and now the roller coaster have started to install with the help of our engineer inatructing. Besides the roller coaster ride, he also bought other amusement rides, including carousel ride, pirate ship, ferris wheel, big pendulum,flying UFO ride, self-control plane ride, skymaster ride, break dance, big octopus and so on. Today, our Irap kindly send us some photos of 3 loop roller coaster ride installation in his amusement park, below share these photos for your reference.

3 loop roller coaster for sale in Irap

Next month, all amusement ride will be finished inatallation and our Irap will open his amusement park to do business soon, and he will feedback more amusement ride photos, so if you are interested for these photos, pls conact us for more information and offer sheet.

Beston 3 loop roller coaster manufacturers

Beston Amusement Group is China leading amusement rides and equipment manufacturer and suppliers, which can produce various amusement roller coaster with 20 years experience, including 3-11 loops roller coaster, suspended roller coaster, worm roller coaster, sliding dragon roller coaster,family roller coaster and wild mouse roller rides for your selection, the track design, length, color all can be customized at your request with quality assurance. Click Here for more roller coaster information and quotation.

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