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Beston Rocket Bungee In Russia

Rocket bungee for sale in RussiaBeston Rocket bungee/Slingshot ride installation in Russia

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Last Week, Beston Rocket Bungee Ride have arrived at Russia for our amusement park clients and now the Rocket Bungee have started to install with the help of our engineer inatructing. Today, our Irap kindly send us some photos of Rocket Bungee ride installation in his amusement park, below share these photos for your reference.

rocket bundgee for sale manaufacturerBeston Rocket bungee/Slingshot ride delivery to Russia

Beston rocket bungee rides are also known as slingshot rides, rocket bungee rides, ejection seats, catapult bungee and many other names. As these names imply, rocket bungee rides are of extreme thrill that even seasoned thrill-seekers would think twice before get on the rides. In traditional bungee jumpings, players often jump high from towers or cliffs to experience thrill downward jumping. Unlike usual bungee jumping, rocket bungee rides can eject riders high in the air from the ground level in seconds. In light of this novel design and extreme thrill, rocket bungee rides can attract great many thrill-seekers.

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