yellow happy flying car rides

Beston Flying Car Video In Russia

yellow happy flying car ridesOn 20th, December,2020, our australia client have receliverd the happy flying car with colorful lights and have start his business in Small amusement center, when our client get the happy flying car ride, he is very satisfued with our ride and he said that he hope to build more business with Beston Amusement Group in the future, Below are some happy flying car ride working video feedback from our Russia clientfor your reference.

Happy flying car ride, also called crazy car rides, is a flat fairground rides, often found in amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based venues. Like the fairground disco rides, Happy flying car ride move along half-pipe track. The difference lies in that the flying car ride has a friction wheel, while the disco ride is powered driven. Beston Happy flying rides for sale are of high quality, and are well received by people almost of all ages. What’s more, the track can be made into U-shape track and undulating track, also can be into removable rides with trailer. Contact us for more information and quotation.

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