ferris wheel rides in Pakistan

Beston Ferris Wheel Installation Successfully In Pakistan

Beston engineer have installed successfully the 49 meter ferris wheel for our Pakistan Clients and our clients are very satisfied with our ferris wheel and said that hope to build more business with Beston Group for his another amusement park project in Pakistan.Below are the feedback photos in Pakistan clienets’ Amusement Park for your reference, if you have any interests for our 20-120 meter ferris wheel, please feel free to contact us for more information and quotation.

Beston 49 meter ferris wheel ride in Pakistan

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Beston Amusement Group is the professional manufacturer of outdoor large sized Ferris wheel rides and other amusement rides. Except for this height of ferris wheel, Beston group also produces 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 52m,62m,65m, 88m, 102m, and 120 meters best ferris wheel rides, also have various mini ferris wheel for sale. Besides the existing ferris wheel cockpit, we have other types of cabin: square cabin and other small cartoon cabins, For the ferris wheel cabin, we also can make customization at your request. All the partss and design comply with the national standards. It has to resist to bad weather and cruel situation, even fight against typhoon or earthquake.

Beston Ferris Wheel Ride Cabin For Sale

Beston has the Manufacture License of Special Equipment, and Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment. We have the cutting workshop, bracket workshop, cabins workshop and other mechanical parts workshop. All the parts and components are classified in order. In our factory, we have established strict and complete quality control system, which can provide high quality Ferris wheel with favorable price. Reliable quality and fast delivery have won many customers’ trust and high opinion.


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