thrill break dance for sale

Beston Amusement Rides In Uganda

One of our Uganda customer Ordered some rides from Beston, it only took around one week to make the deal after knowing our company. Rides include break dance ride, swing chair ride, worm roller coaster and so on. They said it is our trust and professional services help them to make the final decision quickly after comparison. Sure, we also gave them better support on the prices. Because both of us want to establish long term business relationship. Here are some ofthe feedback photos and video when the rides are finished at their place.

Beston Break dance ride is always been the hot product among Beston customers for its incredible movements. There are several seats on the turntable, and when riding on this ride, riders will do spinning movements. The design of breakdance ride is very special and thrilling, and people will have a wonderful trip on it. Contact us for more information and quotation.

Beston break dance ride for sale
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Kid worm roller coaster rides, such as mini-shuttle and wacky worm roller coaster ride, are also very popular because they are a perfect family ride that the parents can have a good time with their kids and children together. With high safety efficient, Beston kids roller coaster enjoys a high popularity among tourists and customers. For our roller coaster, the roller coaster coaster cabin can be increase or decrease and the track length and shape also can be customized and designed that make it more suitable for your amusement place.

Beston Worm Roller Coaster manufacturer

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Beston Fruit flying chair ride is a classic swing ride, and its chairs and appearance painting looks like the watermelon. On the FRP of swing top cornice and central column part, there are colorful shinning lights. Even in the night time, it can operate and looks more gorgeous. Normally for the fruit flying chair, the seating capacity is 16 seats. There are two types of the ride: one type is rotating with going up and down, and another type will swing head, except rotating with going up and down. When it swings head, you will feel more thrilling flying on the chairs.

Beston Fruit Flying Chair Ride
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BESTON Group has devoted to design and produce amusement park facilities for more than 5 years, and it has its own sales offices, factories, warehouses and logistic companies. Currently, BESTON has more than 300 staff and 3 overseas offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan and German. Each year, our business partners and customers numbers are increasing quickly, and our business range is also enlarging in very fast speed all over the world. Its goal is to become the top 100 best amusement rides manufactures in the world, and give customers best services. If you want to order some rides from China, Beston Group will be your one of best choice.


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