Beston Amusement Ride in Uzbekistan

On May, 2019, customers from Uzbekistan visited the Beston office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After negotiations, customers ordered 22pcs bumper cars, 2 flight attraction and Mechanical Rodeo Bull.Now we have delivered these amusement park rides to our Uzbekistan clients and he have finished the ride installation with the help of our engineer instruction. If you have any interests for our amusement ride, please contact us for more information and quotation.
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Self control plane rides are a kind of kiddie amusement rides which is very funny and interesting. This kind of kid rides is frequently seen in the amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, etc. As for the air-plane rides, there are 6 or more aircrafts which are the cabins of kiddie riders. And each of the aircrafts has two seats and can go up and down. The airplanes are fixed on the arms around the vertical axis. In Beston, the spacecrafts or the lovely cartoon on the vertical axis can be different as you like and is attractive. The self control plane ride is made of the mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical system components. It is suitable for the whole family and parents can play with their children.

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The electric floor bumper car is started both with the help of tokens and at a distance from the remote control. Management is carried out using the steering wheel and pedals. Designed for use as a means of entertainment for children. Permissible load of 140 kg. They can ride on any flat surface. Battery Operated: Colors to choose from. This model applies to models of contactless racetracks. On average, charging lasts for 3-4 days with a heavy load. With less load for 5-6 days. All that is needed for work is a level floor.

Mechanical bull ride, also called rodeo bull, is a mechanical ride to simulate the riding of a bucking bull. As a routine training devices for rodeo cowboy, mechanical bull rides are popularized amusement rides for people, and give them the precious opportunities to experience riding on a bucking bull, although the bulls are not real. Mechanical bull riding is so popular that you can find mobile rental ones in parties, stationary ones in both indoor and outdoor theme or amusement parks, local funfairs and carnivals, fairgrounds, restaurants, bars and clubs. Mechanical bull rides for sale in Beston group provides customized mechanical bull riding for you at wholesale prices, and you cannot miss this great chance to make yourself huge revenues.

Mechanical Bull Ride for sale

kid self-control plane rides for sale
Self-control Plane Ride For Sale

Bumper Car Ride For Sale

Beston Amusemnt Group is China Leading amusement rides and equipment manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years experience, we have exported over 60+ country nowadays with 100% factory price and quality & credit assurance, we Beston supply (over 600+ amusement ride) for kids & fanily rides, carnival ride and thrill ride, also updated the newest ride for your selection, such as carousel ride, ferris wheel ride, roller coaster ride, trackless train, track train, bumper car, bug pendulum, tea cup,indoor soft playground equipment and so on, and if you have some special requirement for amusement park rides, we also can make customize at your request. Besides we also have the professional 3D design department for your amusement park project, for example the cad drawing, 3D drawing and video design for free, we also have some brand company in UZ, Pakistan, Phillipines, Romania and will have more brand company in the future, so if you have a plan to build the amusement park and need various amusement park ride, Beston will be your first and best choices.

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