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Outdoor Amusement Park Solutions

Beston amusement rides have been widely used in various outdoor amusement park project in Turkey. The Beston Amusement is known to be one of the most popular rides manufacturer in the Turkey market, which both outdoor amusement park rides and indoor playground equipment for investors to build whole comprehensive amusement park project investment.


Outdoor amusement park project: suburban leisure Park, hotel amusement park, surburb amusement park, city amusement park and small city square park, etc.

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Indoor Playground Project Solutions

Whether you start a business of indoor playground project in the shopping mall, own a retail center, run a family-friendly restaurant, or want to start up a family entertainment center, adding an kid’s soft indoor playground will attract families and help your business grow. Beston® indoor soft playgrounds equipments can be designed to fit any size of your place or budget.


As a leading commercial indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer, we have exported many indoor soft play equipments to Turkey, whose popular design size include 100-500㎡/500-1300㎡/1300㎡+.

Hot Selling Amusement Rides In Turkey

We have finish 200+ outdoor and indoor amusement park project in Turkey market, Below are some hot selling amusement equipment that are popular for the customer and investors of Turkey for your reference.

Indoor Playground Equipment For Sale
  • Theme Type: Macaron, space, ice, ocean, forest
  • Size Requirement: 100-500㎡/500-1300㎡/1300+
  • Suitable Ages:0-3 year baby, 3-12 kids, 13-16 year teenager
  • Variety Structures: ball pool, building block, slide, rope, trampoline, sand Pit, ninja course, merry go round, game machine, VR rides
  • Hot Sell City of Turkey: Canakkale, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Adiyaman, Bursa, Izmir

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Beston Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale
Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale
  • Type: 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m & 88m
  • Capacity: 48, 72, 96, 128m, 216m & 268m
  • Suitable Ages:Kids & Family
  • Advantages: Customized solutions, Installation and Maintenance Services & 100+ Cases Provided
  • Hot Sell City of Turkey: Canakkale, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Adiyaman, Bursa, Izmir

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amusement carousel rides for sale
Single Decker Carousel For Sale
  • Type: 16 Seats, 24 Seats & 36 Seats
  • Covering Area: 8*8㎡/10.5*10.5㎡/12.6*12.6㎡
  • Suitable Ages:all ages
  • Advantages: Customized solutions, Installation and Maintenance Services & 100+ Cases Provided
  • Hot Sell City of Turkey: Canakkale, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Adiyaman, Bursa, Izmir

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double decker carousel rides for sale
Double Decker Carousel Rides For Sale
  • Type: 48 Seats,68 seats & 88 seats
  • Covering Area: 13*13㎡/15*15㎡/16.3*16.3㎡
  • Suitable Ages:All Ages
  • Advantages: Customized solutions, Installation and Maintenance Services & 100+ Cases Provided
  • Hot Sell City of Turkey: Canakkale, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Adiyaman, Bursa, Izmir

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dragon roller coaster rides for sale
Dragon Roller Coaster Rides For Sale
  • Capacity: 18 persons
  • Equipment: 24*14m
  • Running Height:2.4m
  • Running Speed:4m/s
  • Advantages: Customized solutions, Installation and Maintenance Services & 100+ Cases Provided
  • Hot Sell City of Turkey: Canakkale, Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Adiyaman, Bursa, Izmir

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Amusement Park Project Cases From Turkey Customers

After years of development, Beston’s business has spread all over the world. Our amusement rides are not only sold domestically, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other regions, especially in the Turkey. The following is the United Arab Emirates customers’ park project feedbacks for your reference:

Indoor Comprehensive Amusement Park Project Installation In Turkey

  • Shipment: In August 2022
  • Status of project: Finish Installation
  • Business Open: By the end of 2022
  • Location: Turkey
Project Situation

In June 2022, we get an inquiry from a Turkey client that he want to buy some rides for building an indoor comprehensive amusement park project. Then the client selects suitable rides from our product catalog with prices by the end of June 2022 and after talking about the park project details, we sign the contract and receive the bank slip. In August, we start to produce and deliver the amusement rides to the client’s site.

Selected Equipment

The client finally buy our soft play equipment, trampoline park, carousel rides, mini shuttle rides, bumper car, some game machines, mini ferris wheel, frog jump rides, kid excavator, VR rides, etc.

Delivery & Installation & Working

At the client’s requirement, we arrange for our two engineers to Turkey for guiding the on-site installation of amusement rides. By the end of November, we successfully finish the installation for all indoor and outdoor rides. The clients are very satisfied with our products and service. Now the amusement park has opened up.

indoor comprehensive amusement park project
Beston indoor comprehensive amusement park project


25000㎡ Outdoor Amusement Park Project In Turkey

surburb amusmenet park project project

Beston ferris wheel rides for sale
24 Seat Flying Chair manufacturer 01
24 seat luxury carousel ride for sale 03
big pendulum rides manufacturers

self-control plane rides in Moldova
6 loop roller coaster ride for sale 01
Beston pirate ship rides for sale
roller coaster manufactuere

25000㎡ Outdoor Suburban Leisure Amusement Park Project In Turkey


15000㎡ Outdoor Middle Amusement Park Project In Turkey

city amusement park project design

50 m ferris wheel for sale (1)
Beston 3-Loop Roller Coaster For Sale
Beston dragon roller coaster for sale
Happy flying car rides factory

amusement carousel rides for sale (2)
fruit flying chair ride for sale 05
Beston self-control planes rides for sale
Carnival Kangaroo Jumping Ride For Sale

15000㎡ Middle City Amusement Park Project In Turkey


1500㎡ Indoor Playground Equipment Park Project In Turkey

Beston indoor playground equipment for sale

children soft playground equipment for sale (4)

indoor soft play area equipments (4)
children soft playground equipment for sale (3)
kids indoor soft playground equipment slides (3)
children soft playground equipment for sale (5)

1500㎡ Shopping Mall Indoor Comprehensive Playground Equipment In Turkey

High Return On Investment of Amusement Park Project

As leading amusement rides manufacturer, Beston group supply various amusement rides for amusement park and other entertainment place. We can make the whole amusement park planning and design, such as cad drawing, 3D Park Design and 3D park video, etc. Besides, we also can make the precise return on investment analysis for Turkey clients’ amusement park situation. Below shared the real amusement park project investment budget analysis in China, Henan Province for your reference.

Amusement Park Project Investment Budget Analysis Form
Operating period 8 (year) Equipment life 8~10 (year) Electricity fee 0.071 (USD/degree)
customer flow analysis Working day Off day Average annual passenger flow Effective day per year Average fare
300 (person/day) 1000 (person/day) 2000000 (person/year) 300 (day) 10 (USD/person)
Equipment investment Park Types Equipment Qty Full load power consumption Max capacity Average unit price
Outdoor Suburban Amusement Park 12 (set) 443.3 (degrees / hour) 309 (person/ 5min)) 71428 (USD/set)
Total equipment investment (USD/year) 857136÷8=107142
Site investment Site area(㎡) Venue rent (USD/year) Public relations expenses (USD) Caonstruction costs (USD) Other cost
80,000 71,428 14,285 42,857 14,285
Total site investment (USD/year) 92,855
Operating cost Operating electricity fee Staff number Per capita expenditure Business activities Tax expenses
254 (USD/day) 20 11.4 (USD/day) 14285 (USD/year) 7142 (USD/year)
Total operating investment (USD/year) 93,814
Operating income Average annual net income  Annual average turnover Average annual expenditure
2,563,328 (USD) 2,857,142 (USD) 293,814 (USD)

Note: This analysis is only amusement park project in China for your reference. The specific investment and operating income vary depending on the site conditions. If you plan to start a amusement park project in Turkey and want to get return analysis, Please contact us for precise analysis.

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Beston Amusement Rides Factory Introduction

Beston Group is China top amusment rides manufacturer and supplier with 20 years experience, we have exported our amusement equipment to 99+ countries nowadays and supply global delivery & installation, professional park project solutions and design according to your requirement, budget and land situation, If you want to start amusement rides business, Beston will be your best choice.

Plan To Build Amusement Park Project?

Online Consultation

Business manager communicatesand to learn customers’ general needs and gives professional opinions.

Preliminary Plan

After detailed communication requirements, carry out free preliminary planning and design.

Design Contract

Sign a detailed design contract after confirming the preliminary plan.

Land Situation Survey

Professional surveying and mapping personnel go to the venue to measure accurate data.

Deepen Design

Professional design team, refine the design plan until you are satisfied.

Equipment Production

Production according to product design drawings to ensure product quality.

Equipment Delivery

The delivery process is lightly put in the transportation process to protect equipment from damaging.

Production & Test

Ensure the quality and quantity of production and test before leaving factory!

On-site Construction

After the production is completed, the wholesale to the project is based.

Completion Acceptance

After the client is completed in accordance with the acceptance standard.

After-sales Service

The operation stage provides continuous after-sales service in accordance with the after -sales service standards.


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