amusement park project in indonesia

Beston Amusement Park Project In Indonesia

Beston Amusement Park Project

Warmly congratualation on teacup rides finished manufacturing & testing and delivery to our clients in Indonesia, Now our Indonesia clients have received our amusement park rides and very satisfied with these rides’ quality and have finished installation in his amusement park, these amusement ride include the  flying chair,  big pendulum, self-control plane rides, rotary octopus ride, ferris wheel rides, flying UFO ride, pirate ship, disco tagada rides and so on , below are some photos feedback from our Indonesia client about his amusement park design for every rides,  any interests, please leave message for more information, offer sheet and free design.

rotary octopus ride Rotary Octopus Ride For Sale

pendulum ride for sale Big Pendulum Ride For Sale

flying UFO rides Flying UFO Rides For Sale

flying chair ride Carousel Rides For Sale

pirate ship for sale Pirate Ship Ride For Sale

Disco Tagada Ride Disco Tagada Rides For Sale

Ferris wheel ride for sale Ferris Wheel Rides For Sale

self-control Plane Ride For Sale Self-control Plane Ride For Sale

Beston Ride Equipment flaming Phenix Rides For Sale

restaurant of amusemnet parks in indonesiaCustomer restaurant of amusement park in Indonesia

Beston Group has devoted to design and produce amusement park facilities for more than 25 years, and it has its own sales offices, factories, warehouses and logistic companies. Currently, Beston has more than 300 staff and 3 overseas offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan and German. Each year, our business partners and customers numbers are increasing quickly, and our business range is also enlarging in very fast speed all over the world. Its goal is to become the top 100 best amusement rides manufactures in the world, and give customers best services. If you want to order some rides from China, Beston Group will be your one of best choice.


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