Battery Operated Car For Sale

Animal battery operated car rides

Animal Battery Operated Car For Sale

  • Capacity:1-2 persons
  • Loading Weight: 100kg
  • Max Speed:60-100M/Min(adjustable)
  • Time Setting: 1-15min
  • Weight:30kg  Working Time:240nin
  • Motor: 12v 20AH*2pcs  Music: MP3 or Hi-Fi
  • Power: 25kw  Voltage:220VAC / 12VDC

Animal Battery Car is  a kind battery operated kiddie amusement rides which are manufactured with the appearance of the real animals. It can play the cool and beautiful music when it is walking. And the animals are very cute and the games can attracts the attention of both kids and adults! In Beston, there are four sizes of the plush electric animal scooters: small size, medium size, big sizes and super sizes. This electric motorized animal scooter can be popular applied to shopping malls, parties, game centers, fairground amusement parks and kid’s indoor and outdoor playground and so on. we have sold this rides to many country and get good feedback.

Beston Other Battery Operated Car

As a famous bumper car manufacturer, Beston Amusement Equipment Company, Ltd also manufacture and design all kinds of  kid battery operated car rides for the little baby, these kid battery car rides usually are designed as animal, cartoon or other new cute popular elements theme, Beautiful appearance and colorful LED lights, They will attract children easily and widely used for the shopping mall ,entertainment center and so on, just need little place for running.. Because of low requirement for speed, Beston kiddie bumper cars are usually battery powered, So they will cost less. Let us check out more details of Beston kids bumper cars for sale now. If you have any interested , please contact us for more information and quotation.

kid battery operated car rides 05
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-001
kid battery operated car rides 03
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-002
kid battery operated car rides 04
Kid  Battery Operated Car BBM-003

Attention For All Battery Operated Car Ride

1. For animal battery car, we have all kinds of animal appearance & design for your choices, also Customize at your request
2. For all Battery operated Car, we have all kinds of color that suit your request completely
3. For all Battery Car, cartoon package will be the suitable choice, which promise the car arrival safely, and more economical

kid battery operated car rides 06
Kid Battery Operated  car BBM-004
button (1)
kid battery operated car rides 02
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-005button (1)
kid battery operated car rides 01
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-006button (1)
kid battery car rides for sale 03
Kid Battery Operated  car BBM-007
kid battery car rides for sale 02
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-008
kid battery car rides for sale 01
Kid Battery Operated Car BBM-009

Advantages of Beston Battery Operated Car Rides

1. Easy to operate for staff: just press the button and it will move at the walking speed, which is safe and easy to keep up with.
2. It is easy to set up, maintain and repair & Small investment and quick return.
3. The head of the Battery operated car rides can be taken apart, which is convenient to package, transport.
4. Beston adopts the computer embroidery, which makes it more lifelike, appealing more kids and adults.
5. Many different animal patterns, colors and sizes for option.

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