Beston amusement park rides in Russia

Beston Amusement Rides Deliver To Russia

On November, 2021, a customer from Russia visited Beston’s website and selected amusement equipment for their own amusement park in the city of Petersburg. With the help of our professional sale manager, total 7 sets of amusement rides for kids & Children were selected. Including the 18 seats elephant track train, ocean singer rides, inflatable playground equipment, 10* bumper ball,10* coin operated rides, 20* hand paddle boat and 40* walking ball ride, etc. After 25 days, these rides will arrive at Russia and we will remotely guide the installation for customers. Any details, we will keep you updated. Contact us for more information and quotation.

Beston amusement rides in Russia


Based on core technology and customer demand as the guide, Beston provides customers with a complete set of solutions for planning, design, equipment customization, and operation management. The main products include Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Swing tower, Rotary Rides, Track and Trackless trains, Mini Roller Coaster, Big Pendulum,Pirate Ship Rides, Surfing Rides, Self-control rides,Jumping Machine rides, Rocket Bungee, Skymaster rides,bumper car ride and other kids rides. And all types of amusement ride from Beston Amusement Equipment can be widely used in the amusement park, supermarket, amusement park attractions, communities, funfair amusements, kindergartens and so on.

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