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trackless train rides for shopping mall

Beston Mall Trackless Train In Chile

Project Introduction Of Mall Trackless Train This trackless train client is from Chile, who bought a total of 6 train rides for the shopping mall from us in 2018.12 and ...
Beston Amusement Rides Delivery To Ecuador

Beston Amusement Rides Delivery To Ecuador

On, 11st, May, our ecuador client sent us a inquiry about his amusement park project that he want to start a amusement park business with 2000 square meters covering area ...
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shopping mall trackless train for sale

Beston Trackless Train In Chile

Our customers from Chile has bought a trackless trains for shopping mall from Beston Amusement Company. The trackless train ride has one locomotive and four coaches. Customers are very satisfied ...
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elephant trackless train rides

Beston Electric Trackless Train Ride has Been transported to Chile

In August, 2016, this trackless train begins to be manufactured in our factory. After two weeks hard working, our staff in factory have succeed in designing and manufacturing this big ...
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