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Amusement Park Project In Turkmenistan

Three month ago, our Turkmenistan client leave the urgent inquiry for his indoor amusement park, firstly, we kindly send our all amusement ride catalogue with price for his reference at his request, and finally choosed five kind amusement ride and equipment, including 6 seats carousel ride, 6 seats kid big pendum, the newest happy flying car rides, mini ferris wheel ride and 8-12 seats mini pirate Ship rides and after confirming the rides details and price, he decided to place the order for these ride and make the payment for 30% deposit and 70% balanced, now these ride have beed delivered to clients park and finished the installation, our clients are very satisfied with our amusement ride and installation. Below are these successful ride installation photos feedback from our Ethiopia client.

Beston happy flying car in Turkmenistan
Beston small carousel ride in Turkmenistan
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Beston carousel rides are the most common and popular amusement park rides all over the world, and they can also be seen in outdoor square, fairground, carnivals, indoor amusement centers or the amusement parks and so on. When the carousel rotating, horses or other animals will go up and down slowly. People who ride on the merry go round can feel like they are riding on the real horses.

Happy flying car ride, also called crazy car rides, is a flat fairground rides, often found in amusement and theme parks, funfairs, carnivals, shopping malls, family entertainment centers and other location-based venues. Like the fairground disco rides, Happy flying car ride move along half-pipe track. The difference lies in that the flying car ride has a friction wheel, while the disco ride is powered driven. Beston Happy flying rides for sale are of high quality, and are well received by people almost of all ages. What’s more, the track can be made into U-shape track and undulating track, also can be into removable rides with trailer. Contact us for more information and quotation.

Beston mini Ferris wheel ride in Turkmenistan
Beston mini big pendulum ride in Turkmenistan
Are you interested in our Beston kids amusement park rides?  Please Send Us an Inquiry

Beston big pendulum ride is mainly composed of four supporting columns, one swing arm and round cabin, driving system and control system. Passengers sit separately in the round cockpit and face outward. the kid pendulum ride is a little thrilled ride for kids and children, which is usually with 6 seats and we Beston also manufacture the 16, 24 and 40 seats big pendulum rides, if you need, we also can  customized the big pendulun at your request.

Beston small pirate ship ride is a miniature version of pirate ship ride both fit for kids and adults. As we know, mini pirate ship ride for sale is a type of mechanical ride which vibrates back and forth like a pendulum. The kiddie ride is generally applied in indoor and outdoor fairground, park, square, family entertainment center, and kindergarten; where it is easy to catch children’ attention. Beston Group, a professional and top-ranked China amusement rides manufacturer, produces a wide variety of pirate boat rides and sea dragon rides.

Beston mini Ferris wheel ride in Turkmenistan
Beston pirate ship ride in Turkmenistan

Beston Amusemnt Group is China Leading amusement rides and equipment manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years experience, we have exported over 60+ country nowadays with 100% factory price and quality & credit assurance, we Beston supply (over 600+ amusement ride) for kids & fanily rides, carnival ride and thrill ride, also updated the newest ride for your selection, such as carousel ride, ferris wheel ride, roller coaster ride, trackless train, track train, bumper car, bug pendulum, tea cup,indoor soft playground equipment and so on, and if you have some special requirement for amusement park rides, we also can make customize at your request. Besides we also have the professional 3D design department for your amusement park project, for example the cad drawing, 3D drawing and video design for free, we also have some brand company in UZ, Pakistan, Phillipines, Romania and will have more brand company in the future, so if you have a plan to build the amusement park and need various amusement park ride, Beston will be your first and best choices.


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